Féileacán (And the Lost Weekend)

Féileacán (And the Lost Weekend)

There’s something ever so mesmerising about the raw beauty of the rugged Irish coast. Made even more so by pumping swell, fierce winds bombarding the cliff tops and lone warriors heading out to battle the unrelenting elements. A quest, nay, an odyssey to find that most idealistic of solaces, amongst the tyrant that is the North Atlantic Sea.
The word ‘edit’ does not do justice. This exclusive Finisterre clip is more than that – a visual feast; the coming together of motion and beauty; Féileacán see’s their highly acclaimed roster of ambassadors seek some truly epic conditions. Whether it’s bodysurfing with a plane, or threading the needle of a beautiful barrel with a lip that’s so terrifyingly thick… they make it look effortless and refreshingly easy on the eye. With cinematography and narration that is truly as charming and alluring as the surfing – it really does entice your mind into this magical place, awash with folklore and scenery of mystical proportions.
“Féileacán (pronounced fell-er-kun), is the Irish word for Butterfly. It’s precise meaning, however, is somewhat elusive, for as well as meaning butterfly, it also refers to the brightness or lightning of the Gods, and to the magical flame of fire. What is known, is that in Irish folklore, it was believed that butterflies could readily pass through the veil between this world and the magical realm.”
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Finisterre Wetsuits

finisterre-wetsuits-finisterre-nieuwland-4-3mm-chest-zip-wetsuit-black finisterre-wetsuits-finisterre-nieuwland-5-4mm-hooded-chest-zip-wetsuit-black (1)

From Left to Right: Nieuwland 4/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit, Nieuwland 5/4mm Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit

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