Get to know Jay Button

Get to know Jay Button

Surfdome Exclusive: Get to know Jay Button
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We caught up with SWELL ambassador Jay Button, the surfer & director from Australia, to find more about his life, what inspires him and his plans for the summer ahead!
Tell us a little about you, your life, job, passions:
Jay: Hi, I’m Jay, and I am a Film Director and surfer from the east coast of Australia. I love being outdoors in the wild places learning new skills, meeting new faces and hearing stories about new cultures. My passion for film has taken me on many adventures in the past year and I love being able to share those amazing experiences with a wider audience.
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What inspires you:
Jay: Getting people excited, to protect and appreciate the amazing places and cultures around the world is what really encourages my work. I get so inspired by my partner and the friends I hang out with. They are all amazing and doing crazy and exciting things in each of their fields.
When did you start surfing?
Jay: I started surfing when I was 11, my dad brought me a surfboard for my birthday. It was a sky blue Pipe Dream. Surfing isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s ingrained in me and I love being able to share it with my family and friends.
Where is your local break/favourite places to surf:
Jay: It’s hard to go past the super bank when it’s on.
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What is your favourite thing about surfing?
Jay: That’s such a hard question, it’s a combination of so many things, the natural elements of the marine life, the friendships it brings, there’s really too many good things that surfing has to offer to mention them all. There is nothing really better than spending a day on the beach with my girlfriend, family and friends just surfing and mucking around in the sun!
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What are some of your favourite pieces from the swell
Jay: 1800 Paradise Ls Men’s Tee
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What are your plans for this Summer:
Jay: My partner, Catie Allen and I are heading to France and London for a trip. It’s our first summer trip to Europe together so we are super excited to enjoy all the summer activities over there!!

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Where are you in the world right now:
Jay: I’m actually sitting below a sailing boat called the Sea Gypsy on a surf trip for VONU beer, sailing past Cloud Brake in Fiji. We are heading to a local village to experience some local culture. I am tethered to my phone for wifi, the surf is a bit too windy so thought I would get on top of some emails haha!!

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