Getting Real About Recycling

Getting Real About Recycling

Recycling has been in our vocabulary for a long time, especially in the home where it has become second nature to organise your items before throwing them away. However, people rarely think of recycling when purchasing clothes either online or in-store. Overall, the fashion industry isn’t sustainable due to the sourcing of materials, producing virgin materials such as polyester relies heavily on oil and fossil fuel. Damaging manufacturing processes such as producing cotton are extremely water intensive. Fast fashion is designed to entice you to buy on a whim, wear once and then throw away causing a considerable amount of clothes to end up in landfills.

The Jones Shralpinist Stretch Snow Jacket is made from 100% recycled three-layer 30K waterproof fabric.

Recycled materials reduce the need to produce virgin materials, therefore decreasing the environmental footprint of the clothing. Where possible we try to purchase and promote items that use certified recycled materials and still meet quality and performance standards. Items listed on our site as recycled have a minimum of 50% recycled content. This article outlines some of the popular certified recycled materials used for brands on Surfdome.

Surfers experience first-hand some of the issues with recycling, finding plastic in the ocean as they step over the tide line of plastic on the beach. So, it comes as no surprise that surf brands are trying to manufacture surfboards using more environmentally friendly methods. Ecoboard is a not-for-profit organisation in California, they aren’t just a label, Ecoboard project engages individuals about the environmental impact of their lifestyle through their love of surfing. Ecoboard set out to produce high-performance boards whilst reducing the carbon footprint and toxicity during manufacturing. Each Ecoboard uses recycled or upcycled materials which are industrial by-products.

The Globe Every Damn Day Short Sleeve T-Shirt is made from organic cotton and features PVC & phthalate-free screen print inks.

Within apparel more brands are trying to promote sustainable clothing, a common way to increase the recycled materials is to use Repreve fabric. Repreve is made with recycled plastic bottles, preventing single-use plastic from going into the ocean or landfill. Repreve is a leading recycled fibre having repurposed over 20 billion plastic bottles.

A classic argument is whether it’s better to buy natural down insulation or synthetic down. Which one is better for the environment? Well, it all depends on how the insulation is sourced. Patagonia started The Recycled Down Standard which sources down from landfill, reintroducing this once unwanted down from cushions and quilts into new insulation for clothing. This way of recycling reduces waste yet still produces high quality down with a 600 – 700 fill power rating. With Patagonia leading by example, many brands are now following in their footsteps.

The Patagonia Microdini 1/2 Zip Fleece contains 50% plus recycled content.

The recycling methods listed above are just a small example of the steps brands are taking to increase the sustainability of their products. Other certifications to look out for are: Global Recycle Standard – GRS, Bluesign standard, Econyl, Allied – track my down, FSC recycled, forest standard certification recycled, and Netplus.

As people who care for the planet, Surfdome made the decision that our customers will receive 100% plastic-free, biodegradable and widely recyclable packaging. As a global supplier, we know our choice to use recyclable packaging works towards minimising our impact on the environment to help protect the environments we love to explore. You can read more about our sustainable packaging here.

Turning unwanted clothing, plastics and bi-products into new items show that the fashion industry can reduce its impact on the environment. This is a different way of shopping for most people however it’s the future of shopping if we are going to limit the damage from the fast fashion industry. A great way to start being more conscious of recycling now is to donate, upcycle or sell clothes that you don’t want rather than throwing them away.

The Picture Elfyn Snow Jacket and Picture Naikoon Snow Pant are both made from over 50% recycled polyester.

Here at Surfdome, we have pulled together a collection of apparel that contains recycled content. This is to help our customers easily find products that are more sustainable. You can find our recycled content range here. We hope this will help encourage shoppers to make eco-conscious choices when shopping online with us.

If you’re looking to shop more sustainability, check out our extensive collection here.

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