Giftspiration - Christmas gifts for surfers


With Christmas and winter swells fast approaching, why not grab the surfer in your life the gift that will see them shredding some clean winter walls.  With our specially selected range of goodies, you’ll be able to select the best pressies for even the hardest to buy for. Groms, gents, and the gals, we’ve catered for them all at varying prices to ensure satisfaction for both you and them.

It’s never easy to buy for a surfer, especially when you don’t know the sport; however our team have put together the perfect giftspiration to help you nail the pressie.

Dritek Heavy Duty Hanger


As a surfer, there is nothing quite as bad as getting into a cold, wet, wetsuit before your surf in the middle of winter. However thanks to this Dritek Hanger that’s a thing of the past. The carabiner clip creates a hang anywhere solution; indoors, outdoors, clip-on, wrap around and hook over, the possibilities are endless. Help whoever you are buying for end the emotional and physical pain of getting into a wet, wetsuit this Christmas.

GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition


If you really want to impress this Crimbo why not try the GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition action camera? The HERO4 Black is the most advanced GoPro ever. Featuring improved image quality and a 2x more powerful processor with 2x faster video frame rates, HERO4 Black takes award-winning GoPro performance to a whole new level.

Bubble Gum Neon Blue Surf Wax


An essential for any surfer, of any ability is wax. Wax is what keeps a surfers feet planted to the deck of the board. The Bubble Gum Neon Blue wax will not only perform supremely well, it also adds a touch of flare thanks to its neon colour. You can’t go wrong with wax as a present, it’s a surfer's must!

Surfdome Shortboard Sock


Socks are a great alternative to a day bag. Light in weight and taking up no space at all, they are great for those day-to-day surfs when your board does not require any padded protection whilst still protecting your board from sunlight.  Perfect for use in cars, protecting your shiny interior from dreaded wax!

Orca - The Surf Girl Hand Book


A perfect gift for the lady surfer in your life, The Surf Girl Handbook is packed with priceless information, amazing photography and insider tips from the pros, making it an essential reference book for any aspiring surfing girls.

Surf Trip Map Posters - West Coast Of America Surf Map


A great stocking filler, the Surf Trip Map lets you see the world through a surfer's eyes with the unique SurfTrip Map.  It is entirely focused on surfing and full of useful information about the many spots and breaks around the west coast. The colourful drawings bring the locations to life, making it an artistic and informative addition to any wall.

Dryrobe Advance Poncho

 dryrobe-ponchos-dryrobe-advance-poncho-black-pink dryrobe-ponchos-dryrobe-advance-poncho-black-green-5

The Dryrobe Advance Poncho is becoming a must for any surfer wanting to maintain some kind of warmth during the cold, blustery winter months. Engineered to preserve your energy and core temperature, the Dryrobe Advance Poncho also delivers full protection against the elements. With a soft, synthetic lambswool lining, this robe draws moisture away from the skin, dries you instantly, insulates you and provides maximum comfort.

Dakine Pro Comp 3/16inch Leash


A leash is an absolute must; it’s what keeps the board and surfer together after wiping out. The Dakine Pro Comp leash has been designed to be smaller and lightweight, with minimum drag allowing the surfer to perform at their peak. Always required, a Christmas leash will go down a storm.

Rip Curl Change Mat


The Rip Curl Change Mat not only allows surfers to get changed on a dry, safe surface instead of treading their brand new wetsuit into a gravel car park; but thanks to its easy closure, it’s a completely waterproof system which helps to avoid any salty water making its way into the car interior.

Billabong Methodical Xlarge Towel


As a surfer, I don’t think much beats getting a fresh, fluffy beach towel to help you dry off. The Billabong Methodical Xlarge Towel offers huge coverage that’ll be keeping any surfer nice and cosy.

Rip Curl Search Gps Watch


A true surfer’s gadget, the Rip Curl GPS watch tracks the surfers wave count, speed, pinpoint locations and so much more. With the inclusive app for smartphones, the watch allows you to be able to compare your surfing to others in the GPS community and re-live every session you have used the watch. This revolutionary watch is a true game changer to the sport and would make an epic Christmas gift.

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