GOGGLES: The Best of the Bunch

POW. If you were looking to stoke your shred with some new goggles, then you’ve come to the right place. With over 500 goggle styles across 18  brands,  there will be pair at Surfdome to give you that ‘stars have aligned’, ‘this is the one for me’ soppy feeling.
So with so much on offer, where the ‘eck do you start? To point you in the right direction we’ve selected our top 10 goggles (drumroll) along with a few words of guidance from our fabulous Snow Buyer Tobias Andersson. Here goes!:
Snow Goggles

When buying a new pair of goggles make sure they fit your face well and are well vented so that they don’t steam up. Make sure you get the correct lens for different conditions – luckily a lot of goggles now come with lenses for both sunny and low light conditions. Also check that the goggles are helmet compatible; most are these days.  
There are a plethora of different fits, sizes and styles available. One big thing that sets goggles apart now is the lens. You have the cylindrical lens that’s cut out from a cylindrical tube of plastic and you also have the spherical lenses that’s pre-curved to create zero distortion and better vision. A spherical lens will always be at a higher price point.

Zest Magazine
Zest Magazine shoot: model wears Surfdome's Dragon APX Goggles
There are four particular goggles on my list this season. First up is the Dragon APX Goggle, for its good fit, high quality spherical lenses and easily changeable lenses (low light lens included). The Dragon NFX Goggle is the same as above but without the spherical lens – they also looks damn good! (Low light lens included.)
Next up is the Electric EG2 Goggle, which has a good field of vision and is comfortable to wear. Finally I’ll be taking the Oakley Canopy Goggle with me  – this new style from Oakley offers a toned down design and an oversized spherical lens for superb vision. As always with Oakley good fit, helmet compatibility and superior lens quality come as standard.

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