Going Fourth: What's new with Fourth Surfboards for 2016?

Going Fourth: What's new with Fourth Surfboards for 2016?

It’s no secret that Fourth shapers Luke Hart and Lee Bartlett have been producing some of the best boards to come out of the UK, if not Europe, for a long time. With a team roster that includes some of the freshest and most progressive talent on these fine shores, Fourth Surfboards are truly pushing the boundaries of board design and performance within Europe. From humble beginnings the lads worked every hour of the day, putting in blood, sweat and tears to get boards under the feet of customers and team riders alike.
Fourth Surfboards have been under the feet of team riders through numerous European titles including the ‘British Nationals’ and even world tour events with Adam Griffiths Riding his signature ‘Bearman Pro’ model on the WSL World Longboard Tour. Working closely with the team has been key to the success of Fourth, with each rider offering input into the development of designs and fine-tuning the intricate details that can truly take a surfboard to the next level.
And now, for 2016 Fourth are stoked to introduce to you their all new range including an all new technology that will have you surfing with more speed and flare.


UK manufactured surfboards in touch with the computer age.


Models are tried and tested extensively with our pro surf team prior to being part of the range.


The best materials on the market with cutting edge construction methods make world-class surfboards.


Light, strong and fast. Performance is what we do best.

Meet the shapers

Luke Hart

Fourth Surfboards
Luke is simply one of the most passionate shapers in the game. He’s been at the forefront of Fourth Surfboards since 2012, driving progression and performance working closely with the pro team. Luke’s worked on every board imaginable; from tow boards for Nazare to logs for the WSL World Longboard tour. Luke’s committed to producing the highest performing surfboards for you; whether you’re wanting to shred on a waist high day at the local or charging thumping Ireland.
As well as being the resident shaper, Luke also manages the Fourth team. This enables him to be able to fine tune the finest of details to any surfboard using their skills and feedback.

Lee Bartlett

Fourth Surfboards
After training for six weeks under legendary Hawaiian shaper, Eric Arakawa on the North Shore of Oahu, Lee then headed back to the UK and stepped back into the shaping bay at the ‘Ocean Magic’ factory in Cornwall. There, Lee was able to hone his shaping skills with veteran British shaper, Nigel Semmens. 2016 will be Lee’s ‘Fourth’ year shaping at Fourth.
A regular on the British competitive scene through the 90’s and 00’s, Lee has numerous British and English surfing titles under his belt and still competes in select events to get his competitive fix.

Meet the team

Tom Butler

Tom Butler is one of the best big wave surfers in Europe; he’s been part of a tow team that won an XXL award, surfed some of the biggest days at the top big wave spots in Ireland and Nazare and this winter has seen him place 2nd in the prestigious La Vaca big wave contest. In the past year he’s surfed some of biggest waves of his life and suffered from injuries… Read more

Tom Butler Mullaghmore barrel
Photo Credit: Ian Mitchinson
Gearoid Mcdaid

Gearoid Mcdaid (pronounced gar-age) is an Irishman to watch. Since his days as a young grom, Gman (as he is now known due to the fact no one can pronounce his name) has been at the forefront of Irish surfing with his steely determination and competitive edge… Read More

Gearoid Mcdaid 2 (1)
Corinne Evans

Newquay local Corinne Evans is living the dream; she frequently jets off to the tropics to surf the turquoise, rides for Fourth Surfboards and is so passionate about getting females involved in surfing that she’s set up her own Women’s Surf Tour… Read More

Corinne Evans (1)

Meet the new construction

New for 2016 is the ESE construction. When introducing a new model or tech to the range, it’s not taken lightly. Over the past year, the Fourth team has been extensively testing this all-new, revolutionary construction and the feedback speaks for itself…

“We have been refining the ESE technology with the team for the past year to get to a point where we are happy with the construction. The team feedback has been unreal with some saying that it’s the fastest, lightest and strongest boards they have ever had from us.”

Fourth Surfboards

The process starts with the use of a Superfused EPS Foam blank from US blanks. The Superfused EPS blank is 25% lighter than your regular foam blank and holds additional flex properties that increase overall performance of the board. The EPS blank provides a tighter flex pattern which in turn provides the board with unparalleled zip and flow when transitioning through turns. The blank is then laminated using ‘Resin Research’ in a temperature controlled environment. ‘Resin Research’ is made up of over 40% bio content making it one of the most environmentally friendly resins on the market. If this wasn’t enough, it’s also the strongest and lightest epoxy in the business that stays whiter for longer. The combination of the two components even reduce the amount of resin needed per foot making the board lighter again and more enviro friendly.

Hexel S-glass fiberglass is the cloth of choice to finish the laminating process with it being the strongest 4oz cloth available in the industry. Two layers are used on either side of the board that creates an unbelievable strength to weight ratio. Forget EPS epoxy sandwiches you may have ridden in the past that were stiff and as responsive as a snail,  Hexel S-glass fiberglass increases flex recoil increasing drive and responsiveness. The final steps for finishing this radical new construction is 72 hours in the hot box and then a 100% sand finish. Over the year of testing with the team, both Luke and Lee found that a 100% sand finish was simply the best method of increasing durability and strength of the construction to create and all round better performing board.

“When you bring everything together to form the Superfused E.S.E construction method you are left with a stronger, lighter more durable board that has better flex recoil compared to standard construction boards….. Is it a wheel re-invention? No – it’s just another way of making a surfboard that characteristically can improve the life span of the board and the enjoyment you get from surfing. Better for longer.  We are always looking to offer more options whether that be shapes, materials, construction methods or simply aesthetics…. We want everyone to ride the right board for them.”

Meet the board’s

Chilli Bean

Fourth Surfboards
This board has been designed to absolutely maximize fun in average, everyday surf by catching anything and everything. Gliding over the flat sections whilst being super responsive under the feet. With its curvaceous outline, rounded tail and more relaxed rocker, the Chilli Bean loves to cruise, carve and fly down the line with just a little encouragement… Read more

Stoker II

The Stoker; a rework design from Stokesy’s first ever pro model. A super easy to surf and fun board.The Stoker is a board for total free-surfing expression. Whether you want to practice your airs, throw some rotation in the mix or whack the fins out, this is the ultimate tool for pure fun and stoke. They are addictive little things… Read more

Limited Edition Burger Fish

Fourth Surfboards
The Burgerfish has been born from the love of speed and getting the most out of your surfing in less than perfect conditions. No one wants a frustrating surf, especially when they don’t always get to pick the best window of opportunity when the waves are pumping. There’re only 50 of these beauties been made… Read more


Fourth Surfboards
The Doofer is anything you want it to be. From mush to solid waves, it’s the ultimate all-rounder when you want to catch as many waves as possible and have a bunch of fun. Tested at one foot Fistral all the way to 6ft Thurso and it really is a one board quiver! A great paddler, fast, easy to turn and holds a lovely line in the barrel… Read more

See the full Fourth Surfboards range here…

Luke and Lee’s skill, knowlege and passion speaks volumes and the Fourth Surfboards range for 2016 has been perfected with some of the finest and most varied talent in Europe. The Fourth goal is not to be the best in the UK, but to produce the best performing boards in Europe that will rival the many international imports. And we think you’ll agree that the all-new range with an all-new graphic to match is looking pretty rad!

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