Rejuvenate your love for surfing! Haydenshapes Surfboards

Rejuvenate your love for surfing! Haydenshapes Surfboards

Introducing Haydenshapes Surfboards!

Haydenshapes Surfboard Surfdome
Can we get a drum roll, please? Surfdome is stoked to introduce the future of surfboard design, with the launch of Haydenshapes Surfboards!

The main man behind the beautiful boards is Hayden Cox. His shaping career began at the tender age of 15 when he began perfecting the art of hand shaping surfboards in Australia. Hayden is himself a high level surfer, entrepreneurial award winner, industry innovator and just all-round radical dude. It is also forecast by those in the know that his Haydenshapes surfboards are set to make pumping waves through the surfing world.
Watch the Shred Shed in action:

So what makes Haydenshapes different in a crowded and noisy market place full of influential brands, marketing promises and an overwhelming number of designs? Well, central to the Haydenshapes concept is experimenting. Their creative and unique designs are vigorously tested and refined by outstanding surfers. Haydenshapes blaze a trail in innovation and design.

The main goal is to maintain an individual’s love of surfing and revitalize this passion for every session. Each board is designed to be fun and easy to surf. Having fun on the water is all about getting as many waves as possible, speeding down the line and riding the wave in your style. There is no reason to be ‘that guy’ sitting out back, struggling on a board that looks the part but he can’t use… Be the ‘other guy’ who is boosting that air on a Haydenshape with a big smile on his face!

The FutureFlex construction adds to the fun performance of the boards. High density EPS foam, with a parabolic carbon fibre frame, creates a board with explosive energy from rapid spring back, resulting in remarkable speed and drive. The epoxy resin system used to construct the boards is the most durable and whitest on the market. Resilient to cracking and fracturing, its life span is 2-3 times longer than standard polyester resin!

Bringing legitimate credibility and a special limelight to the brand is team rider Craig Anderson. Ando has ridden Haydenshapes boards into the surfing world’s focus. His über relaxed style, striking aerial manoeuvres and refreshing image have earned him fans all over the globe. He solely concentrates on exploring his passion, improving his surfing and most importantly having fun, synonymous with the Haydenshapes ethos.
Craig Anderson Surfdome
With a fantastic selection of designs, it’s guaranteed you will find the perfect board for your ability and local conditions. I personally have my eye on the Hypto Krypto! It has a round full shape which will go like a rocket, whilst still being extremely versatile and performing in 1-8ft waves. The Hypto Krypto is certainly an awesome one quiver surfboard. To hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, check out Ando talking to Surfdome in the video below.

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