Imogen Caldwell | Where the desert meets the ocean

Imogen Caldwell | Where the desert meets the ocean

Introducing the Desert Bloom collection, designed in collaboration with Imogen Caldwell. This collection celebrates her wild lifestyle and surfing memories, incorporating designs which have been inspired by her hometown, Red Bluff Australia. Red Bluff provides a unique playground to explore the local marine life and desert landscape.

This collection is both personal and authentic to Imogen’s lifestyle, combining the freshest swimwear for exploring the ocean with cosy lifestyle pieces for everyday wear or traveling through desert landscapes. 

“We had the ocean at the front door and the desert in the back and that was enough for me” 

Imogen Caldwell is both a pro-surfer and global ambassador for O’Neill, if that isn’t enough Imo is one of the best female tube riders in the world. It comes as no surprise seeing as she grew up in a remote surf camp along the north-west of Western Australia. Red Bluff camp is located within the grounds of the vast Quobba Sheet Station, with the nearest town a 2-hour drive away. 

Red Bluff is at the heart of the Caldwell family, managed by Imogen’s parents plus, all her siblings are part of the permanent population. Everyone around here knows Imo and she knows everyone in return. 

“Surfing and diving always go hand in hand”

Since Imogen’s family pulled up at their new home, she has been free diving to explore the marine life on her doorstep. Catching crayfish with her hands for dinner, Imogen is constantly reminded of how essential the ocean is and has a great respect for preserving it. The key to this eco-conscious living lifestyle is only taking what you need.

The pieces in this collection might say Imogen Caldwell but the fabrics scream O’Neill, the collection use a range of O’Neill Blue tech partners such as recycled Repreve® yarns made from PET plastic bottles, SeaCell LT cellulose fabric mixed with seaweed and Oceantech made from discarded oyster shells.

This collection is created to reflect Imogen’s lifestyle, combining a love for the ocean and a deep respect for the desert. Discover the Desert Bloom collection below.


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