In conversation with: Lauren MacCallum

The Power to make change

We recently collaborated with our good friends over at PICTURE to start up a conversation on imperfect advocacy, the ability to influence change as an outdoor enthusiast, and how best to start up a conversation on climate action with others. 

To gain a better understand of these key topics, we enlisted the help of climate activist and all-round legend: Lauren MacCallum.

Imperfect Advocacy

Filmed by: Rupert Shanks

Don’t let the idea of having to be perfect stop you from getting involved, stop you from signing petitions, stop you from supporting organisations like POW.

Lauren MacCallum

The role of an outdoor enthusiast

Filmed by: Rupert Shanks

Give your resources to people who care. Who will repair your clothing. Who are investing money into a purpose.

Lauren MacCallum

Ask questions of yourselves & others

Filmed by: Rupert Shanks

Talking to your friends and family about why you care, instead of always trying to remember the data and the science and the facts. That’s a really nice way forward.

Lauren MacCallum

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