International Surfing Day

International Surfing Day

Boardriders from all around the world have been celebrating International Surfing Day this week so we thought we’d get involved too. What better way to celebrate the waves and our favourite playground than to give you our top five picks on how to ace your next surf. From boards to wetsuits we can make sure you celebrate in style.
Stay warm and get changed in any situation with the Dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve Poncho.
A must have for any surfer, at any level surfing in any temperature water. Surfers are used to the frosty carpark being their changing room and although we should now be well and truly into the summer months the water isn’t showing any signs of warming up. If you’re lucky enough to hit the sweet spot and can surf in your thinnest, summer wetsuit when you trek to the coast the Dryrobe will also serve you as a quick change facility when the actual changing rooms are full.
Made with synthetic lambswool designed to draw the water away from you so you’ll be dry in no time at all. It’s also has a 100% waterproof and windproof outer shell so you don’t have to lug back any wet towels after a session in the water.

Paddle out with the most stylish board with the MR Retro Twin FCS II Surfboard.
Throwback Thursday rings a bell with this board. This board by Mr Surfboards has a PU with 6oz x 6oz x 4 oz glass job construction and a relatively flat retro rocker. This board’s a dream to paddle, with lots of area and volume forward of the mid-point, a pulled-in tail for hold through turns, and a straight-ish rail line providing additional drive. It also looks awesome.
Suitable for beginner to intermediate riders.
Other features:

  • Rails: Retro hard rails
  • Tail: Winged swallow
  • Fin Set-Up: Twin Fin
  • Fin System: FCS II

Wax your surfboard without harming the environment with Matunas Organic Surf Wax
Did you know that In a blind study of 150 surfers, 97 chose Matunas over other top brands for tackiness, texture, performance and scent? Well, that’s no surprise really. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable and made from locally sourced ingredients from Santa Cruz, California. Made with organic jasmine wax for instant bumps for extra traction and it’s wrapped up in recycled paper printed with soy ink

Get wetsuit ready for your summer surf session:
 Men’s – C-Skins Element 3/2mm 2019 Back Zip Wetsuit
Unbeatable value and widely considered one of the best wetsuits on the market for those discovering the sea. Made from Xtend and Free Flex neoprene makes for a great fit and comfort that will let you move and nail those tricks in the water. Complete with flatlock, breathable seams and a back zip entry so you can get into the water quicker.
Women’s – C-Skins Surflite 3/2mm Back Zip Wetsuit
Suitable for water between 14C and 19C and is made with ultra-stretch Xtend neoprene which is light but provides multi-directional stretch. The seam construction is 100% glued with blindstitches and a super smooth collar helps to eliminate any water flush when you’re paddling, duck diving or wiping out. It also has seamless paddle zones which helps combat tiredness and muscle fatigue when paddling out.

Pack your surfboard safely with Flexi-Hex Lite Single Sleeve.
Do you ever get worried about transporting your board and hate chucking it in your bag and hoping for the best? How times have changed, you need to start using Flexi-Hex – the 100% biodegradable alternative to packaging that can be used to ship, store or taking your board down to your local beach. Flexi-Hex ensures safe transportation for your favourite item and it can be assembled in as little as two minutes. Be rest assured your board is in safe hands due to high compression resistance and fully recyclable materials.

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