REEF – Just Passing Through El Niño: Episode 4

REEF – Just Passing Through El Niño: Episode 4

The El Niño season was one hell of a winter for Mr Big Wave, Shane Dorian – even by his standards. It was insane! And not being happy with just paddling into some of the biggest waves of all time, he also scooped not one but two WSL big wave awards winning the Billabong Ride of the Year and Surfline Men’s Overall Performance Award. They were awards truly well deserved as he knifed his way under the lip of many a Jaws monster lip into some of the heaviest caverns ever seen by the surfing world.

In the latest episode of Reef – Just Passing Through, Dorian shreds his way through some beautiful Fijian walls. Episode 4 also catches some never-before-seen footage of Dorian dropping into some death-defying waves at the ever-legendary Peahi. This is not a clip to be missed…

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