The Kelly Slater Wave Pool is Open(ish)

The Kelly Slater Wave Pool is Open(ish)

Kelly’s wave pool has officially opened it’s incredibly mysterious doors to a select few – and boy, it did not disappoint. Kelly was joined by WSL rookie Kanoa Igarashi, Nat Young, the people’s champ Carissa Moore and the Endless Summer legend Robert “Wingnut” Weaver. The four scooped surfing’s hottest ticket in town and got an invite to the KS dream machine. This being the first drop of clips that we have seen since the initial release that sent the surfing world into a frenzy back in December, has sure got us amping to give it a go…

“I got one with Kelly by the wavepool but I was just stoked to be invited, I wasn’t about to ruin my chances on coming back. I figured I’d play by the rules.” – Carrisa Moore

The surfers were originally told that they were not to take any photos or clips under any circumstances. However, the champ and 11 x WSL winner and his crew decided to lift the camera ban and Instagram began to light up with some ridiculously teasing shots.

‘Wave of the day’ has to go to the one and only Nat Young with what he is shouting as the longest barrel of his life. The Santa Cruz native knows a thing or two about surfing peeling right handers, growing up with Steamer Lane as his home break. And what a wave it was… Could you imagine the possibility of the Kelly Slater Wave Pool? You could get the longest barrel of your life, in the middle of the big smoke. And it gives us city dwellers a slight chance that one day, just maybe, we may be able to get a tube of the non-train variety… In the meantime, we can still dream.

If you’d like to know where this mechanical dream is, you can find the location here.


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