Kilian Martin: India Within (skate video)

Whether you’re a skateboarder or not, it’s easy to feel inspired with guys like Kilian Martin around. Renowned for combining his impressive gymnastic ability with his unique freestyle approach, this Spanish sensation is probably one of the most imaginative and innovative skaters we’ve seen in a long time.
After the resounding success of their previous videos, Kilian Martin and director extraordinaire (and skater himself) Brett Novak have teamed up again. They’ve produced another breathtaking display of skateboarding skill and mind blowing moves in one of the world’s most beautiful locations, India.
Not only does this video demonstrate the incredible talent and acrobatic prowess of Kilian, as well as the artistic eye and creative camera work of Brett, but it also gives us a look at the outstanding beauty and vibrant culture of India itself. The duo’s latest creation is a true visual masterpiece and we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Kilian Martin is no newbie to Surfdome and we’ve been lucky enough to have some awesome blogs featuring the man himself. Check out the link below for an exclusive interview where we got you guys to ask the questions.
Kilian Martin: Exclusive Interview by YOU GUYS!

And see (actually, listen to) what Kilian came up with when we asked him to compile a playlist with his favourite tracks that get him geared up for a freestyle skate sesh. It’s awesome by the way!
Surfdome Radio: Kilian Martin

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