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No one knows what’s needed to tackle the fresh pow better than Champion-level snowboarding athletes; Mikaela Shiffrin, Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, Jamie Anderson, Sage Kotsenburg and Ståle Sandbech. Luckily for us, Oakley®’s 2022 Snow Collection was created in tandem with these relentless shredders.

These superstar athletes have taken no prisoners with this collection. The range of premium quality goggles, helmets, jackets, pants, vests, snow accessories and more showcases their love for speed and style, technologically advanced design, functionality and durability. The range is evidently built for purpose, to enhance performance and to empower those new to the board or skis and those experienced on the slopes. Trust us, these guys mean business.

The collection is undoubtedly a symbol of Oakley’s commitment to providing trusted, high-performing gear for those who are determined to unite with their passions, push their limits and succeed despite a challenge from the elements.


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Meet Mikaela, a relentless go-getter throughout 12 professional alpine skiing seasons, the winner of four World Cup titles, an absolute girl boss and the mastermind behind the Oakley Signature Series Flight Deck Goggles.

The rimless design of the goggles features a calming and mesmerising blend of blue, purple and green; to reflect the sublime beauty of the Northern Lights. They feature a wide Prizm Jade Iridium lens to extend your vision and minimise blind spots when cruising down snow-laden terrain. Alike her career on the slopes, these goggles will never fail you.


Alekander Aamodt Klide modelling the Signature Series Flight Path goggles and the ARC5 helmet.
Photo: Oakley.

Known for his ferocious approach to athletic competition and his allergy to failure, the Norwegian ski racer Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, collaborated with Oakley to produce the Signature Series Flight Path goggles and the ARC5 helmet.

Featuring a semi-rim frame to minimise drag and form a barrier against excessive airflow, these goggles are a top-of-the-range design fit for any mountain challenge. The eyewear features a graphic theme of Viking symbols and works to symbolise the Viking warrior’s quality of immense bravery. This is a clear, thoughtful nod to Aleksander’s Nordic ancestry and his courageous personality. The Prizm Sapphire Iridium goggle lenses are tinted to enhance vision when unexpected blizzards arise and reduce glare from sunlight on the snow. When on the skis, nobody can reach Olympic levels without clear sight of all other skiers, snowboarders and obstacles in all weather conditions. Safety comes first and Klide knows it.

The perfect companion to the Signature Series Flight Path goggles is the ARC5 helmet as modelled by Aleksander Aamodt Kilde himself. The durable M-Forge shell helps to enhance movement and encourage a serious tuck position whilst providing excellent protection to the neck and body. The helmet is lined with technically advanced Polartec Power grid lining that regulates temperature, encourages breathability and therefore strengthens performance, without adding excessive bulk to the design.


Jamie Anderson modelling the Aurora RC Insulated Jacket, the TC Dharma bib, the Signature Series Line Miner goggles and the MOD5 helmet.
Photo: Oakley.

One of the best in the game, three-time Olympic medallist, Jamie Anderson always seems to have a new trick up her sleeve. Her athlete apparel collection with Oakley reflects a head-turning air of feminine strength, confidence and fashion-forward style. The range is patterned with a unique paisley design and reflects her admiration for the coast and the Winter months.

Perfect for building the foundations of your snow-ready wardrobe, Anderson’s Aurora RC Insulated Jacket is treated with a water-repellent coating, to tackle unexpected blizzards and unavoidable tumbles. The modern construction and eye-catching design of the jacket are repeated through her TC Dharma softshell bib, which features a stretch composition to ensure enhanced freedom of movement, as well as adjustable suspenders, an elasticated waistband and Velcro® tabs for an effortless on and off.

The cherry on top of Jamie’s snow collection is her Signature Series Line Miner goggles, featuring Prizm Black Iridium lenses that boast unbeatable style, fit and function which is in line with the rest of her collection. To replicate Jamie’s look above, why not add the MOD5 helmet in the shade Silver White Poseidon?


Sage Kotsenburg modelling the Signature Series Line Miner L goggles, the MOD5 helmet, the TC Earth Shell Jacket and the TC Earth Shell Pants.
Photograph: Oakley.

A superstar shredder since the age of 5, Sage Kotensburg is known for reaching new levels when his feet are strapped onto the board. His collection with Oakley does just that too.

Kotsenburg’s signature series Line Miner L goggles were inspired by his hometown of Utah, with the strap featuring the topographical map of the Wasatch Mountain Range. The implementation of the map into the design signifies movement and therefore is a nod to his winning speed. The goggles are equipped with a lens tint to increase contrast and allow the wearer to see through immaculate 20/20 vision. To take mountain expeditions to new levels, like Kotsenburg, pair the goggles with the MOD5 helmet. This technologically advanced helmet design is cut from a Dura-Matter Mix Hybrid Shell which offers exceptional stability which is essential when flying down uneven terrain.

Yet it doesn’t stop there, Kotsenburg continues his collection with an array of waterproof apparel and accessories in a red and black colourway, to help you stand out from the crowd. Both the waterproof TC Earth Shell Jacket and the TC Earth Shell Pants are designed to enhance movement and amplify comfort levels so that snow expeditions can be extended for longer and records can be made. Specific technically advanced features of the trousers include interior thigh vents to increase breathability and reduce the risk of overheating as the competition heats up.


Ståle Sandbech modelling the TC Gunn 2.0 RC Shell Jacket, the TC GUN 2.0 RC bib, the Signature Series Line Miner goggles and the M0D1 Pro Helmet.
Photograph: Oakley.

Empowered by his no-consequence attitude on the slopes, Sandbech in his collaboration with Oakley has drawn on the brand’s archives and put his own unique spin on it. If you’re looking for premium quality, performance-enhancing gear, then Sandbech’s line has got you covered.

Firstly, the TC Gunn 2.0 RC Shell jacket boasts immense durability, insulation, exceptional waterproofing and a striking, confidence-inspiring print. There’s no doubt that it’s essential for any top performer’s collection. Pair this with the waterproof TC Gunn 2.0 RC bib that features taped seams and water-tight pockets, and no mountain will ever be too daunting.

His signature series Line Miner goggles with Prizm Black Iridium have been sculpted to help enhance contrast so that fluctuating light and snow conditions are not able to hinder your vision and therefore your journey. Recently, Sandbech revamped the goggles with a super stretchy band to ensure an effortless on-and-off and readjustment, as well as skull logos and a crackle print. These goggles go hand in hand with Sandbech’s M0D1 Pro helmet, which due to its Dura-Matter construction offers exceptional durability, and is made to last a lifetime in your snow collection. Sandbech’s line with Oakley is made to bring every budding border towards athlete level, and boy does it do a good job.

Each one of the five passion-driven athletes has produced one hell of a collection with Oakley. We are absolutely thrilled that we can offer some of the phenomenal pieces to our consumers. If you’re heading to the slopes, check out the Oakley 2022 Snow Collection here.

Oakley Athletes together, modelling the Oakley 2022 Snow Collection.
Photograph: Oakley.
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