The Ocean is my Playground

Sometimes we all need a quiet moment of reflection. Whether it is to gain some perspective on the sheer beauty of nature that we so often overlook, or just to unwind after having a bad day. This tranquil video provides that opportunity and so much more, and is sure to stay in your mind for a while (or at least until you survive the commute home).
Filmed using only Go Pro cameras and the air capacity of the human lung, they managed to get some breath-taking shots of an underwater world so rarely seen. Filmed on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, their use of the GoPro gear gives them the freedom to film in a playful style, showcasing the natural beauty of the ocean in a new, creative light.

Filmed by Makai Creative, “Makai” is Hawaiian for ‘to or towards the ocean’ and you can see how much they love and respect the water.  The divers said: “When the summer is here and the ocean on the North Shore is calm, we play in the underwater caves. For the shots when we are running, we would carry rocks that were heavy enough to keep our body weight on the ocean floor. Only our lungs were used to capture the shots; no scuba gear.”
GoPro HD Hero 2 with the GoPro Dive Housing.
Final Cut Pro X
“Outro” by M83


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