O’Neill | Our Ocean Mission Collection: A look through standout styles and the stories behind them

O’Neill | Our Ocean Mission Collection: A look through standout styles and the stories behind them

The Ocean Mission Collection centers around the source. By partnering with material innovators, O’Neill have crafted a clothing line that incorporates a variety of resources bonded to our oceans. With a clear story behind each style, we take a look at some of the standouts and what makes them tick. From waste up-cycled oyster shells, to fibres derived from seaweed and discarded fishing nets. All coming together to create quality beachwear in time for the summer season.

The O’Neill Belted Jumpsuit stands as an ocean-side staple. This is made with Livaeco™ Viscose, derived from naturally occurring renewable resources and manufactured through a stringent eco-conscious closed-loop process set out by the EU. The main ingredient of this being cellulose, more commonly known as wood pulp. 

Whilst incorporating more planet-friendly fabrics within their process, O’Neill have made sure to not scrimp on comfort and overall aesthetics. With this jumpsuit bestowing a light and airy on-skin feel, as well a subtle ocean-inspired design. All good things in our book. 

Moving on to the Men’s offerings, we have the Origin Oyster Swim Shorts. As the name suggests, these boardies are made from an Oceantech yarn that contains waste abandoned oyster shells, up-cycled from oyster farms over in Taiwan. Pretty cool hey?

The process works by first grinding the shells down into a powder and then mixing them with recycled PET plastic bottles to create a workable yarn. This ensures maximum flexibility when stepping out into the water, as well as impressive durability and comfort. Basically, we promise they’re not going to fall down as soon as the first wave hits…

A staple of oceanside evenings, the O’Neill Kelp Pullover Hoodie is made from a smart SeaCell™LT material that is built from seaweed additives; active ingredients from the ocean. During the spinning process of the fibre, the seaweed is permanently embedded. The solution is then spun into fibres, cured in water and processed into a staple, workable material. This workflow allows for all process liquids and water to then be recycled and re-used.

Taking further steps to restore aquatic habitats, O’Neill have incorporated BLOOM™ algae biomass into the material makeup of their Koosh Seaweed Flip Flops. This natural component is added to the existing EVA of the sandal footbeds, with the extraction process reclaiming harmful algae blooms and turning them into a functional resource.

The final station on this whistle-stop tour of the Ocean Mission Collection takes us to the Baay. This aptly named bikini is ideal for wild swimming, surfing or even just setting out a towel and moving as little as possible. It’s basically the ideal set for your summer getaway – abroad or on home shores. 

O’Neill have partnered with ECONYL® for this one, transforming fishing nets and other nylon waste that would have found its way into the ocean, into ECONYL® regenerated nylon. A pretty awesome material that has been used in the creation of both the Baay Bikini top and bottoms. Lots to love here. 

With that, we end our journey through the latest drop from O’Neill, sitting front and centre within their ever-growing O’Neill Blue collection*. These products are designed with durability and a circular workflow in mind. This Spring/Summer season, more than 8 out of 10 of O’Neill’s styles sit under this more sustainably-conscious range, with a 100% O’Neill Blue range on the cards by 2025. A big thumbs up from Surfdome. 


*A product is classed as ‘O’Neill Blue’ when at least 50% of the shell material derives from a preferred source. Check out their sustainability report for more information.