Our sustainability story | One year on

It turns out you can cram a lot into 365 days when you put your mind to it… In 2018 alone, Surfdome (a part of Internet Fusion Group) made drastic changes to our e-commerce operations in a bid to be as sustainable as possible.
Why? We’re passionate about sustainability, climate change and generally taking care of our planet. Whether that be encouraging the snow community to come together and protect our winters, or getting our customers to take a stand against marine plastic with the #2MinuteBeachClean.
It’s been a busy year, but a year packed full of achievements.

  • We’ve gone through 6 warehouse moves and our stock currently resides in a state of the art #PoweredGreen warehouse in Kettering
  • We moved in 900,000 items of stock to the warehouse in Northamptonshire
  • Successfully had zero items taken to landfill because of our high recycling rates
  • 2 X CVP-500 packing machines installed – the first in the UK
    These innovative machines create bespoke boxes to fit each customer’s order so there’s no wasted packaging. The result?  We can ship out more orders as there’s no wasted space in our couriers’ vans.
  • 90 fewer lorry loads on the road each year
    Less wasted space in lorries means fewer lorries on the road. Our carbon emissions are also lowered
  • 17% of the electricity used from solar panels on the warehouse roof
  • Remaining energy came from 100% renewable electricity contracts and 100% Biogas contracts
  • Offsetting 77 tonnes of carbon in the process
  • Quadrupled our solar PV systems offsetting a further 62 tonnes of carbon
  • Installed 10 vertical carousels which will increase to 30 in the near future
  • Our cut off for next day delivery has been extended to 9pm
    As a customer, we’re sure you’ll appreciate being able to order in the evening and have your package at your door within just a few hours.
  • Our outbound packaging became 97% plastic free
    The vast majority of our outbound packaging is now 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable. This has eliminated over 14 tonnes of single-use plastic annually.
  • In August we held a brand warehouse day outlining how we want our 750+ suppliers to reduce plastic and c02

And we’ve only just started…

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