Our Top 5 Daewon Song Instagram Videos

Our Top 5 Daewon Song Instagram Videos

Top 5: Daewon Song Instagram Videos

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Daewon song – than man, the myth, the legend. We’re big fans of everyone’s favourite technical skate wizard Daewon Song – that’s why we’ve put together a list of our top 5 Daewon Instagram Videos! Because let’s be honest, we’d all kill to have board control like his!   

#5 – Sunday Funday!


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Daewon Song and Ronnie Creager decided to spend their Sunday throwing down some fun tricks. Now we say “fun” – however these aren’t your everyday run of the mill basics. Is there anything Daewon can’t flip, manny or revert out of?

#4  – Two in the air


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Daewon takes us through some of his 2014 escapades – featuring footage from his Berrics ‘2up‘ and ‘In transition‘ parts! Even with that stair set being drawn in chalk, he still made that 360 looks super steezy..     

#3 – All Hallows’ Eve


Now we’ve all toyed with the thought that Daewon may in fact be some sort of skate superhero, well for this cheeky Halloween edit he’s only gone and donned a Batman outfit. Something tells us it has to do with his awesome new Almost Deck.. If you’re liking the thought of 7-plys of Batman click here.

#2 –  Keep on Truckin’


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“When I first started skating my parents only bought me 1 board and it was stolen a few weeks later !! From that point I was on my own 2wks later my friend Nick gave me an old board with one rusted truck and 3 bearings on it !! I was the happiest kid !! This clip is dedicated to him” – Daewon Song Don’t worry, if you find yourself lacking a set of trucks (or wheels) we’ve got enough to ensure you have a full set. However, doesn’t look like it bothers Daewon!  

#1 – Who Needs Wheels?


Daewon has only ruddy gone and done it again.. This time its all bearings and no wheels. You’d think he’d have some issues right? WRONG! If you don’t believe us just watch the video above!


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