Pale Aliens – Part 2 | The Search

Pale Aliens – Part 2 | The Search

In the latest episode of “The Search”, Dillon Perillo, Luke Hynd and Pat Curren head out to discover some unknown shores and unsurfed spots. Living the search can  be hard. Travelling for hours on end, literally, planes, trains and automobiles. And if you do find somewhere to surf, that’s where things really start to get interesting…

With nobody surfing the wave, you have no point of reference to measure the surf. The surface of where you will be surfing is unknown and then there’s always a possibility of running into a local – not the human kind.  Pat Curren hit’s the nail on the head “You realise, its not so much about finding the waves, it’s more about documenting everything in between”. And the young style prodigy couldn’t be more right. You do see new places, experience unbelievable cultures, meet amazing folk and create memories that will stay with you forever.

Watch as Perillo shralps his way around a crystal clear, blue playground, Curren drop-in next to a rusted shipwreck and Luke Hynd punt, shred and style his way around a virgin wave.


Surf, snow, skate & outdoor gear
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