PASCALE HONORE: Duct Tape Surfer

After a tragic car accident 18 years ago, Pascale Honore was left paraplegic without the ability to use her legs. Wheelchair bound, she was determined to not let the disability define her and after raising a family in Adelaide, she “decided to just get on with it.”
However, practicalities often barred Pascale from enjoying new experiences outdoors. Witnessing her two sons surfing on the nearby beach, an urge to try out the most engaging of activities was prevalent yet logistically, Pascale couldn’t see a solution. Whilst discussing her frustrations with family friend Tyron Swan, they came up with the idea of strapping the 7 stone lady to his back as he rode the waves for her. Originally dubbed as impossible, they soon found that with a little duct tape and determination, Pascale could enjoy the thrill. Such innovation and a commendable tenacity should be witnessed by all.

Pascale’s inspirational, resourcefulness and positive attitude has seriously brightened up Surfdome‘s Tuesday and it’s a tale that’s worth sharing. Plenty of us are questioning our motives when we complain about the daily commute or next paycheck and such worries seem awfully trivial. If this incredible lady has taught us anything, it’s that we should #LiveForSummer and enjoy every day like it’s the last.
> If you want to help out Pascale’s awe-inspiring cause, head on over to the official Duct Tape Surfer website for more information and news on their progress.

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