Plastic Soup: 3 easy yet nutritious recipes

Plastic Soup: 3 easy yet nutritious recipes

Plastic Soup: 3 easy yet nutritious recipes.

My dear foodies, there are days on which cooking a nutritious, healthy meal for you and your dearest and nearest, is just a bit too much…

On some days you just want to step into the kitchen for a maximum of 15 minutes to prepare a meal. Yet you, dear foodie, also have the desire to be on trend with your cooking. How hard the life of a kitchen god(-ess) can be!

Now, I am sure you have all been reading into the multiple recipes for Plastic Soup, a very ‘en vogue’ and on trend recipe that has its culinary roots in ‘The Great Pacific Ocean’. Most of these recipes require some very specific ingredients that can only be obtained in the locally on the small Pacific Islands.

I mean where on earth do you buy two ounces of pelagic plastic, seaweed and all other required exotics such as the marine hatchetfish?

Well, in order to make it a bit easier for you to surprise your family tonight, I have cooked up 3 versions of Plastic Soup, that can all be prepared with this simple Plastic Soup Base.

The Base Recipe

  • 2 liters of water
  • 2 chopped onions, 1 chopped carrot and 2 chopped celery
  • 3 portable soup cubes, preferably fish (the soup needs to be on the salty side)
  • 4 good handfuls of assorted plastic. Make sure none are of the biodegradable kind!

Simmer the onions, carrots and  celery gently in some oil. Then pour water and add soup cubes and bring to a boil. Add the plastic, as chunky or thinly chopped as you like. Serve with some fresh made bread.

  1. Thai Style Plastic Soup


  • Use the base recipe, sieved to a clear broth
  • Add some Thai Pla-Ra, or another fermented fish sauce
  • Add chopped lemongrass and ginger
  • Instead of rice noodles add the same amount of Plastic noodles (cut from a plastic bag)

2. Children’s favorite Alphabet Soup


  • Use the base recipe, sieved to a clear broth
  • Cut out as many different letters from leftover packaging materials as you can find
  • Serve with an extra plate for the kids to create words….

3. Plastic Fish Soup


  • Use the base recipe, sieved to a clear broth
  • Cut out as many fishes out of some harder packaging material and add to the soup
  • If you really want to impress, make a Fish chowder by adding some cream and mashed potatoes to bind the soup together.

‘Plastic Soup, easy to swallow, hard to digest’

If by any chance Plastic Soup doesn’t appeal to you at all, than please think twice in the supermarket today. Bring your own bags and preferably buy non packaged food. In case of unavoidable plastic packaging materials: don’t litter and please recycle!

Provided by Willemijn Heidman founder of The Waldenizing Project

Check her profile here 

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