Powered Clean

Powered Clean

At Surfdome, our warehouse facility – and most of our office locations – are run on 100% renewable electricity. In 2016, 97% of our electricity was bought from renewable sources and before that it was around 84%.

Why is being run on renewable energy important to us and the activities we love?

Depending on what you read, we’re either nearly reaching, we’ve already hit, or we’re post tipping point when it comes to climate change. There’s no question whatsoever as to whether the planet’s climate is warming, and the overwhelming evidence is as clear as day that we humans are speeding it all up.
But don’t despair, change is happening; there has never been more clean green energy produced than now. You can be part of the change by making the choice to move to renewable energy too. It’s as simple as that.
We switched our electricity supply over to renewable in our warehouse at no extra cost – something we massively encourage you to do at home (you may even save some money!). Our various offices are a little more complex; some are run on 100% renewable and others are shared, so we have less control over the supply (hence the 97% total across the company)
With plastic production accounting for 6% of oil production (more than the aviation industry!) our 74% reduction in plastic packaging is also helping nudge our business away from the grubby fossil fuel industry.

Why bother?

How does climate change affect surfing?

  • Sea levels are rising– Most waves rely on low tides so the swell can feel the contours of the seabed. Higher water = potential loss of performance for some breaks.
  • Ocean acidification– It sounds horrible and, in reality, it’s a long way off before sea water burns, but the oceans are dying, and acidification is stifling life, so the sea has potential to become stagnant, more toxic and a home for nasties.
  • Stormier weather patterns– With more regular storms, the coastlines will erode and change. Plus, increases in rainfall will mean more land runoff and pollution in the sea.
  • Disrupted weather patterns– These could affect frequency and conditions of surf.
  • Coral reefs– These may well be extinct in our lifetime through ocean acidification and temperature rises, destroying numerous tropical reef breaks and passes.
  • Ocean circulation disruption– As the climate warms, the ocean’s cycles are affected too. This could mean colder or warmer waters in certain areas.
  • Worldwide disruption– As the pressures of climate change affect local populations and infrastructure, we must question whether certain places will remain safe for the visiting surfer.

How does climate change effect snow sports?

  • Less snow– Simple! The last decade has been the warmest on record and the last year the warmest.
  • Shorter seasons– With lower temps not reached, the fringe season will have less and less snow, shortening the season.
  • Busy slopes– Higher altitude resorts will have to take the crowds who haven’t been able to get their fix lower down.
  • Higher prices– With a shorter season, prices will rise.
  • Change your equipment?– Some snowboarders are reportedly moving to skis to make the most of the poor quality snow.
  • More remote locations– Snow slopes may well push the frontiers to find more suitable snow conditions, potentially damaging more untouched mountain ranges

Do you think it’s worth doing something about? We certainly do and we hope you do too. Why not flip over to clean green energy today?
In the meantime, know that we are making sure that our service to you comes ‘Powered Clean’.
Feel like you need more information? This is Kevin from Sustainable Surf at the Global Wave Conference, explaining the biggest challenge to a generation in fifteen minutes.

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