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Just like you, we’re concerned about climate breakdown. And like you, we understand that our actions alone won’t be nearly enough to address the scale of the crisis. We need to play our part in a deeper systemic shift, and we need everyone working together to influence everyone else for that to happen.

Our partner charity, Protect Our Winters UK, stands as this catalyst for positive change. Providing a helping hand to those that need it through community education, organisational climate action support, and campaigns for systemic policy solution.

With that, we thought it was about time we dropped in on Marketing Manager and all-round legend, Adam Raja. We discussed life up in the highlands, POW UK’s goals for 2023, and some positive actions that YOU can take in your daily life to become a more effective climate activist.

Read the full interview below.

Photo: Adam Raja

How is life up in the Highlands? Have you been able to get out on your board much this winter? 

It’s been a bit of a difficult season in Scotland – Scottish winter conditions are notoriously fickle, but it’s been especially unpredictable this year, with unseasonably warm temperatures and big fluctuations. Things are in condition one day and out the next. So we’ve been out, but not as much as we’d like. This hasn’t been unique to Scotland either, unfortunately. Alpine ski resorts across Europe closed throughout January due to a lack of snow. 

It looks like it’s been a busy one at POW HQ this year. What have been some of the standout projects you’ve been working on? Any learnings to take into 2023? 

2022 was a pretty big year for us! We had lots going on. Our Slippery Slopes report on how climate change is threatening the Winter Olympics received a lot of press coverage. We also wrote an open letter to British Cycling following their partnership with fossil fuel giant Shell, which received a lot of support from the community and resulted in a productive conversation with British Cycling. In between that, we provided Carbon Literacy Training to around 300 people, grew our supporter base, and showed up in a big way at key industry events like Kendal Mountain Festival and The Mighty Co.

Photo: Adam Raja

What are some of the core goals for POW UK looking forward? And how can people get involved on both an individual and corporate level?

Over the next few years, we want to build the biggest base of concerned outdoor citizens in UK history to show up for the climate. The UK’s policies are not sufficient to achieve Net Zero – but we can change that. The UK’s outdoor community is beautifully diverse, passionate, inspiring, and over 20 million strong. That’s a lot of voices! If we come together and demand change, we can be hugely influential.

If you’re just starting your climate advocacy journey, our Carbon Literacy Training is a great place to start. Certified by the UN-recognised Carbon Literacy Project, it’s been built from the ground up for passionate outdoor people like you. You’ll not only learn about the causes and impacts of climate change but more importantly what you can do about it. You can learn more here.

Organisations can take our POW Pledge and help drive large-scale change. The POW Pledge is your organisation’s guide to Net Zero. It’s a digital portal and toolkit that guides outdoor organisations on climate action and setting a Net Zero target. Through clear direction over 8 key steps, the Pledge addresses the most effective ways businesses can make an impact. Learn more and register here.

And finally, what are three positive actions an individual can make to become a more effective climate advocate in 2023? 

Big ideas start small. If 20 million of us do the small things, it will have a huge impact. Joining our mailing list is a great place to start, as it means we can send actions straight to your inbox. Sign up here and take the actions we send your way.

Speak out. Engage with your MPs, voice your concerns to decision-makers, and normalise conversations about climate change at home, at work, and on the hill!

Vote. whether it’s a general or local election, your vote matters. When the time comes, vote with climate in mind.

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