Quiksilver Pro France – Get the Low Down

Quiksilver Pro France – Get the Low Down

2015 Quiksilver Pro France

Crunching pits, golden sand, boobs and the top 34. Yes, it’s that time of the year again, the Quik Pro France!

After Fanning’s win over De Souza at Trestles, the world tour is alive and kicking with the Aussie and Brazza battling it out for the number one spot with three events remaining.

Let Surfdome guide you through the 2015 Quik Pro from forecasts, our picks and everything in-between.

Quiksilver Pro France, Hossegor, La Graviere 2012 - Round 1

MSW Forecast

Surf forecast

The guys at Magicseaweed are predicting a huge forecast for the whole event. Expect the comp to start early in the morning as the winds normally blow in the more favourable offshore direction.

With a break yet to be named for the contest, organisers and surfers will be keeping a close eye on the forecast and ever changeable sand banks. The Quik Pro is a mobile contest and can be held at Seignosse, Capbreton and Hossegor. This offers great versatility for the event to adapt to the ever-changing conditions that France can throw-up.


Dane Reynolds, need we say any more?

Reynolds announced his wildcard entry via Instagram (worth a follow) on Wednesday. Being the cool cat that Dane is, he will be donating all of his prize money to charity and is currently taking suggestions via Insta! We cannot wait to see what he’ll do to some draining barrels.


Our Picks

Mick Fanning

What a run Mick is on! With two wins and a second place under his belt, Mick is definitely in the driving seat. Not only will his confidence be sky high, Fanning has had huge success at the Quik Pro winning the event four times. For these reasons, our money is on the Shark brawling Aussie.

Kelly Slater

Down but definitely not out, Mr Slater has more experience at the French beachies than anyone else. With a win previously under his belt, could the Quik Pro be Kelly’s turnaround for the year?

Photo – @WSL

Filipe Toledo

The young Brazza certainly has a spring in his step. With some massive results under his belt this year and having strong performances in Europe previously. With one of the strongest air games in the world combined with the ability to thread a solid barrel, Toledo has the ability to really throw the cat amongst the pigeons for the WCT title.

Equipment picks

With the forecast as it is, you’re going to need step things up! You will need to have the ability to get kegged off your melons in a deep sandy pit and then combine it with a finishing maneuver. We’ve pulled together three boards which more than have the ability to do so. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be surfing as-well-as JJF or Julian Wilson, but you will be one step closer.

             1                  2               3

                  JS FMN – 5’10”                    Pyzel The Bastard – 5’10”         Lost Sub Scorcher – 5’10”

             4        5    6

O+E Premium Green Leash           Hurley Fusion 2mm                      Quiksilver Ignite 2/2mm

The 2015 Quiksilver pro is not an event to be missed. The waves will be cranking, action flowing and the top 34 going ballistic.

Catch all of the action here.

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