Quiksilver Recycled For Radness

Quiksilver Recycled For Radness

Recycling might be part of your everyday vocabulary and your way of life or it might be something relatively new that you’re exploring and learning about. Either way, we welcome you to the future of snow outerwear.

As a company we love anything eco-friendly, our offices and warehouse are filled with colleagues who escape to the outdoors whenever possible. Although trips away aren’t as frequent this year, we haven’t forgotten the importance of looking after the environments that we love so much. We couldn’t be more excited to feature the Recycled For Radness collection by Quiksilver this year which proves that recycled clothing can look rad on the slopes. 

This collection is made with 95% recycled content, mainly but not limited to plastic bottles. Quiksilver adds a little magic and turns a single-use piece of plastic into a material that is long-lasting, functional and looks rad on the slopes. If you’re a visual learner check out the video below to see the animated journey of one plastic bottle following its dreams of shredding down the mountain.

Now, we know what you’re thinking… How can this recycled material be as good as something new?


The main function of outerwear is to keep you dry from first lift to last lift no matter how horrendous the conditions might be. No one wants their jacket to wet out and find themselves heading down the mountain in wet and heavy clothing.

All the jackets and pants in this collection have a minimum hydrostatic heading rating of 10,000mm and up to 20,000mm.


Nothing feels better than extra stretch in your jacket and pants. Stretch increases your freedom of movement and allows the clothing to move with you when being active on the mountain. Imagine hitting the park for a freestyle session and going for a grab in clothing has no stretch. That’s a massive no no from us!

Warm & Lightweight

Warmth is vital for the mountain. There are two choices to makes, go for a shell and layer up underneath or an insulated jacket. The insulated jackets in this collection provide tones of warmth for the peak of winter whilst keeping the jacket lightweight.

Nothing is worse than a heavy and bulky jacket weighing you down and restricting your movement whilst you’re throwing big tricks on the kickers or floating between the trees in powder.

If you don’t take our word for it, then maybe the legend Travis Rice can convince you. The mountains are literally in his blood, Travis Rice has been a leading snowboarder in the industry for over 13 years.  Just like his boarding, Travis strives for innovation, performance and quality in his clothing, which is why he has partnered with Quiksilver to create a jacket for the Recycled For Radness collection. You can purchase this jacket through Surfdome by clicking here.

Check out how Travis Rice moves through the mountain in this recycled outerwear.

It can be hard to imagine how many plastic bottles are thrown away every day and even harder to image how many are being recycled and turned into functional material. Quiksilver has a live countdown which you can follow, the numbers are mind-blowing! Currently, Quiksilver has recycled over 2.4 million plastic bottles. Click on the image below to see the current statistics climbing up every second.

Quiksilver have a huge range of jackets and pants which use recycled materials in the shell and insulation. Choose between old school style bibs and anoraks or classic jackets each packed with features to keep you comfortable on the mountain. Shop the rest of the Quiksilver full collection here which includes great discounts.

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