Quiksilver x Stranger Things – A Retro Surf-Inspired Collection That Will Turn Your Wardrobe Completely Upside Down

Quiksilver x Stranger Things – A Retro Surf-Inspired Collection

Stranger Things is bringing sci-fi to surfing. The Netflix series is joining forces with California based brand Quiksilver for a five-part collection of nostalgic throwback apparel that’s inspired by the brand’s 80s surfing designs while adding a little bit of something extraterrestrial in the process.

The upcoming fourth instalment of Stranger Things will be released in two waves, with volume one premiering on May 27 and volume two hitting TV screens on July 1. The collection will include everything from menswear, womenswear, bags, and other accessories that are worn by the characters themselves throughout the season.

Quiksilver will be dropping multiple capsule collections as the new season is aired. The Cali brand is no stranger when it comes to surfing, so having the opportunity to ride on the Stranger Things wave was something they were always going to hang ten on.

A secret collaboration that’s been three years in the making, Quiksilver and the Netflix costume team have experimented by diving into archival designs of yesteryear and flipped them entirely upside down. With inspiration from Hawkins to Hellfire as well as patterning old school colour block designs that scream velvet scrunchies and shoulder pads. This is a truly original set of garments that embody the Duffer brother’s creation and the SoCal history of Quiksilver.


Quiksilver and Stranger Things take you back to a simpler time, one where you could dress in the loudest of prints that spoke volumes to surfer gurus and beach dwellers. This was a time when surfing style was at its absolute pinnacle, and it was all thanks to Quiksilver with their integral involvement in Californian fashion.

With the help of the Stranger Things costume department, those iconic designs have been sent through a vortex, putting them on a road trip to the Upside Down. It offers a new way of telling Quiksilver’s story with apparel that infuses everything dark, twisted, and fantastic about the Netflix original.

The 1986 capsule is a homage to an era of pastel shades and prints. Now you’ll be able to rock it strange in a variety of swimwear, windbreakers, caps and other accessories as you resurrect surfing back to a time when it was young, loud and shameless.

Surfer Boy Pizza

It might be a small order, it may be a medium, or it could be large. Whatever you have a hankering for, make sure you get on this hot delivery of official Surfer Boy Pizza merch fresh from the ovens of the Stranger Things 4 pizza shop. There is something quite astonishing about old school delivery uniforms, the design and colourways are almost as tempting as a 14-inch pepperoni with oodles of cheese.

Whatever topping you’re after, the Surfer Boy Pizza range has a wide variety of garments with tees, hoodies, shorts and even an official staff shirt that will have you looking like you’re ready to clock in for a shift. When actually, you’ll be in your boardshorts on your way to the golden beaches looking for your fill of surfing fun.

Be just like Argyle from the forthcoming season and grab your slice of Surfer Boy Merch before closing time.

Lenora Hills Surf Club

Representing Lenora Hills can be easily done with this capsule that’s been ripped straight from the height of 1986 surf fashion in all its pastel and print block glory. This collection has been inspired by the California town where Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) relocates with Will (Noah Schnapp) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

You can expect to see pure pastel madness, high hip bikinis and everything else from the height of 1986 So-Cal surf fashion. The Lenora Hills Surf Club captures the height of 80s fashion by echoing a real beach attitude. Being a member of this fictitious surfing club is essential if you want to be known as the strange stylish surfer.

Hellfire Surf Club

You’ll be on a constant roll when you throw on the Hellfire Surf Club range that takes inspiration from the Hawkins High’s D&D club in Stranger Things. These tees, hoodies, and boardies get the full mongrel treatment of flames and demogorgons. This Hellfire capsule will quite simply flay your mind with style options as find your inner surf demon and become the master of your fashion destiny.

The dark side of surfing is on display here with a little bit of 1986 rock n’roll surf grunt to match. Roll the dice on the Hellfire range, and you’ll take the action from the gameboard to the surfboard.

To celebrate the release of this collaboration, Quiksilver got behind the camera to shoot a Stranger Things-inspired short film starring pro surfers Miles Fallon, Frankie Harrer, Kanoa Igarashi, Stephen Milner, Andy Nieblas, Janthavy Norton and Rio Waida. Take a deep dive into the nearly nine-minute video now and get ready for Season 4 in style with these limited edition drops that will make you the ultimate strange surfer.


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