Have you ever thought of skateboarding while being attacked by colourful water balloons? LAMAR+NIK made it happen. They combined two favourite, or at least my favourite, concepts in slow motion; skate tricks and visually amazing coloured water balloons being smashed into objects. The video was shot on a Red Epic camera, 240fps at 2K resolution and the result is like a day dream come to life.
The riders are wearing white waterproof suits which make them look like skateboarding scientists. The slow motion effect sees the water drops shimmering on their decks and the music blows your mind.
LAMAR+NIK are known from their video Lushlife’s “Magnolia” which was handcrafted from cardboard boxes, making this music video a true labour of love.
Enjoy the ‘’Raindrops’’ video from the safety of your screen!

Raindrops – Video from LAMAR+NIK on Vimeo.

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