REAL AXE – Europe

REAL AXE – Europe

Beachies, barrels, beers and baguettes? It must be Europe! In the latest episode of Real Axe watch as Creed McTaggart, Noa Deane, Dion Agius, Shaun Manners, and Dave Rastovich tear, shred and air rev their way through France and Portugal. In a much welcome return to a featured edit, Rasta was as easy on the eye than he as ever been, sliding his way around some pumping Euro slabs. The boy’s started out in France in late September and scored some perfect Capbreton conditions in between the Quik pro crowds and towed cars.

“Everything was so hard to make work in France, we kept getting our cars towed, missing flights, all sorts of shit.”

Heading on down to the rugged and gnarly Portuguese coast, the Real Axe crew walked straight into a perfect swell for a session at the infamous, Coxos. The point break delivered some hefty pits with worbly, horrible steps in the face resulting in surfing’s hippest, hipster, Noa Deane, going ass over heels after getting spat out of a beastly barrel. The posse then headed to one of the world’s greatest big wave spots, Nazare, for a taste of the beach break on a smaller day. With Dion and Noa punting and pulling-in all over the shop.
Not much beats a boy’s trip to Europe with beers and grom abuse of plenty with some nudie runs thrown in for good measure.

“That was honestly one of the best beaches I’ve ever been to. I was blown away. It was unbelievable. You only ever see it when it’s 3000 foot. But even small, it was so punchy, breaking close to shore, and so powerful.”

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All photos and captions by Duncan Macfarlane

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Real Axe Europe

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