Roxy | A day in the life

Roxy | A day in the life

Weaving through a winter’s day – from morning yoga to a quiet evening in

With the sound of fireworks, champagne clinks and clocks striking 12:00 now a distant memory, it’s the perfect time to pencil in some positive aspirations for the year ahead. A time to daydream about ‘that’ perfect day. Whether it consists of peeling beachbreak, fresh pow, on-foot adventures, big nights out, or big nights in – Roxy has got you covered. 

So the question remains, what does the perfect day look like? Well for Roxy, it looks a little like this…

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A good morning mindset

Early morning alarms aren’t always the easiest to contend with. Especially when it’s pitch black, cold and pre-radiators clicking on – getting up before the sun can be a real struggle. But there’s every so often when it just works. Where you feel a little bit of fire, a drive to get moving and get active.

Yoga is a great way to start the day – with a clear focus on strength, flexibility and breathing. This rhythmic practice perfectly encapsulates everything good that comes with beating the sun, setting you up for the day ahead. 

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The Roxy Any Other Day leggings provide all the support, stretch, and style that is required for an early morning yoga flow. With DryFlight water-repellent hydrophobic coating, you can push yourself to the limit in your living room, in the gym, and out on the go. 

If clocking some serious early-morning miles is more your speed, then check out the range of top-notch Roxy leggings available. One of the key benefits of starting the day with a run is that it actively decreases stress levels. This is a big positive for your mental wellbeing and can be exactly what is needed with a busy work day ahead. 

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Take to the slopes

Now then, who’s ready to hit the slopes? With the winter season well underway, the Roxy snow wear range is where it’s at. With a vast number of ski jackets, pants, snowsuits and accessories available – you can’t go wrong when it comes to Roxy. 

With fantastic functionality and colourful styling across the board, you can be confident in the fact that you will stay dry, warm and just look plain awesome as you weave your way down the mountain. Roxy are known for their bright colours and distinct designs, but maybe the dialled down aesthetic of the Roxy Shelter snow jacket is more your vibe? 

One of the key themes this snow season is inclusivity – getting everyone involved and sharing the hype of hucking it down a black diamond run, or simply getting your skis on and heading out into the sun. Roxy are massive advocates for this. With a whole range of snow gear tailored to young female shredders! So let’s share the stock with the classic Roxy Shelter Girls Snow Jacket, Backyard Girls Snow Pant, and so much more…

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A hike in the hills

If at this point in the day you’re after something a little lighter, or maybe just don’t have access to the snow – what’s better than a beach-side stroll? There’s nothing quite like wrapping up warm this season for a long walk on the beach, hike in the hills, or just a quick coffee run. 

Roxy is where it’s at for winter warmers, with their huge range of jackets, fleeces, gloves, beanies and boots available.

This is a great time to unwind, get out into nature and make that post-walk hot chocolate that little bit more satisfying. One of the great things about walking is that it benefits your mental and physical wellbeing, as well as instigating positive social interaction. This can be a massive factor for positive mood and improved self-esteem – so what’s not to like? Get your boots on, call up a friend and get out there!

Settle in

As the sun starts to set and the curtains are drawn, let’s not forget the importance of an evening all snuggled up on the sofa. Why don’t you get your feet up, get a mug (or glass) of something nice and take it easy in a range of Roxy loungewear.

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Give yourself time to reminisce, relax and reset. We go again tomorrow – Roxy style.  

Wow. What a day.

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