RVCAloha – RVCA's mind blowing Hawaiian edit…

RVCAloha – RVCA's mind blowing Hawaiian edit…

This is simply one of the most mesmerising, inspiring and radical edits that we have seen all year. Actually, for a long time. With a rocking tune that’ll have you amping to go shred some ocean lumps. This clip encapsulates everything that we love about RVCA!

With a roster of surfers more exciting than any other team on the planet who surf with more gnar, aggression and steeze. We’re talking Bruce Irons, Makua Rothman, Danny Fuller, Jay Davies, Dustin Barca… the list goes on. And boy, they don’t half know how to shred the hell out of the North Shore and, in particular, pipe. I mean, is there a more appropriate way of kicking off a high def edit than Bruce Irons getting shacked off his melon on a 15ft, Second Reef roll-in and getting blown out with the guts of said wave. And then there’s Jay Davies and his raw and destructive style; putting his board on rail and releasing some serious amounts of tail, chucking buckets. And don’t get us started on Danny Fuller’s style and prowess when he tucks under those heavy Hawaiian lip’s – jeez.

Fark, how refreshing is it to not hear some cruddy dubstep with air rev after air rev. Deep pits, gauges and carves with some rock & roll courtesy of the Fuzz. Bravo team RVCA, you have made all of us want to go for a surf, real bad…

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