Salomon | Curious, playful and optimistic

The winter season may have been cut short this year, but all the more reason to get geared up and excited for what’s coming up next. Every year around this time we all look forward to seeing the new designs and technologies brands have used for their snowboard collection. Nothing could be bolder and more beautiful than the new Salomon Dancehall snowboard, it hard to miss but if you haven’t seen it for your self check it out here for both men and women.

“I’m fascinated by what I’ll do tomorrow”

Georges Salomon

If there was another word for ‘mountain’ it would be Salomon. As a brand, they have explored all avenues of mountain sports and perfected the equipment to ensure that we are as safe as possible and have the maximum amount of fun in the outdoors. Starting in 1947 Salomon were making saws and ski edges, becoming famous for their ski bindings. They were propelled into the ski industry spotlight and from there have expanded, broke the rules, progressed and pushed all mountain sports forward to where they are today.

The people behind the brand are curious, playful and optimistic yet remain focused on the task ahead.

Forwarding to 1997 and there is a boom in snowboarders, Salomon has just released their snowboarding range including boards, boots and bindings and the first-ever winter Olympics game featuring snowboarding is just around the corner. At this point, snowboarding is looked down upon by many but lots of the brands including Salomon and pro riders push on to make snowboarding the industry and sport we love today. Most recently, the Salomon winter team won 18 medals at the 2018 winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang.

“Together let’s ride the future”

So, what does the future hold for Salomon?

Salomon is an environmentally conscious company, which we need if we’re to enjoy the snow-covered mountains for as long as possible. As part of Salomon’s 2025 play minded program, they have pledged to invest 1% of revenue into people. This includes backcountry education and support for victims of serious mountain accidents through the Salomon foundation. Salomon aims to reduce their carbon emissions by 30% per million € and work alongside companies such as Act for the outdoors, European Outdoor Conservation Association and The Conservation Alliance. 

The Salomon snowboard range this year is vast, including freestyle, freeride and all-mountain boards. You can easily shop your whole set up to perfectly pair your boots with your bindings. Salomon caterer to all types of snowboarders from your complete beginners who are still figuring out how to stop to your professionals on a Heli trip to find unexplored lines. Check out our full range of Salomon snowboards for men and women here.

Salomon are not a brand to shoutout about their footage, but they have truly captured some amazing moments including the award-winning short film Eclipse. See the full version here.

If you’ve found yourself bored during the pandemic, you’ve finished all the series on Netflix, or your working from home and need entertaining whilst on your lunch break. Check out this short film by Salomon, following their pro rider Toni Kerkela progress his urban snowboarding style, bringing into the film many friends and new faces to enjoy the journey.

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