Say hello to the O’Neill Biofield Jacket

The O’Neill Biofield Jacket has just touched down and is ready to change the face of fashion as we know it…

A zipper breaks, a hole starts to appear, or it simply might be hanging on by its last thread. We all know that dreaded feeling of when your favourite jacket is left unwearable. The time comes when we must say goodbye and let it go.

But have you ever wondered about what happens after you throw your garments away? Most end up in landfill, the most common method of waste treatment and one of the most harmful waste management options when judged by environmental impact.

Now, imagine a jacket that was designed with the “End In Mind”, a jacket that kept you warm and dry, and after years of use, it could be biodegraded*. After two and a half years of research and development, O’Neill has made this a reality with the O’Neill Biofield Jacket.

O’Neill’s most innovative, biodegradable* outdoor jacket to date, it has all the technical features you’d ever want, including 10K/10K waterproofing and breathability and PrimaLoft® insulation.

Intended to keep you protected from the elements, this release from O’Neill had all synthetic material components of the jacket tested under ASTM D5511 standards, which indicates total biodegradation of 94% after 4.6 years when placed in optimal conditions in a controlled environment.

*Under the ASTM D5511 testing standards, the O’Neill Biofield Jackets biodegrade 94% after 4.6 years in a controlled environment

Progressive in style and innovation, the fabric, insulation, and trims are all made with biodegradable* components. While the finished garment still upholds the highest standards in quality.

When it is deemed that there is “no life” left in the jacket, EU consumers send it back to O’Neill Europe, who will ensure the proper disposal and biodegradation of the jacket is done.

Available in both men’s and women’s stylings, the O’Neill Biofield Jacket is a prime protector that offers you the ultimate level of protection with extensive features, with the added focal point that this jacket will be biodegraded* come the end of its time on this planet.

You can find the O’Neill Biofield Jacket here on Surfdome, where it has its part to play in the O’Neill In Between Lines story, a showcase of the importance of connecting with nature.

Discover new grounds and make new waves with O’Neill.


*Under the ASTM D5511 testing standards, the O’Neill Biofield Jackets biodegrade 94% after 4.6 years in a controlled environment

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