“Single-use plastic is the new black” | Meet Dolly Land from #2MBC


There’s no denying that our coastlines are littered with plastic. Whether that be single-use bottles, discarded buckets and spades or microplastics. It’s a daunting reality that’s now a worldwide problem but what if we could be part of the solution?
If you’re a fan of Surfdome you’ll most definitely have heard us talking about the #2MinuteBeachClean. No, they don’t encourage you to clean the whole of your local beach they simply encourage you to take 120 seconds from your day to pick up litter from the coastline and recycle and discard of the rubbish properly. We believe that every piece of plastic matters and what the guys over at #2MBC have encouraged us all to do what we can do in two minutes every time you visit the beach – but of course you can do it anywhere!
We spoke to Dolly. A #2MBC legend who lives on the south coast. She’s in charge of all things social media when it comes beach clean-ups that are two minutes long. Take a look at her journey with the #2MinuteBeachClean hashtag.

What inspired you to get involved with the movement?
I followed Martin on twitter after his tv programme One Man and His Campervan. I watched the show because it was filmed in the village I live in and then I found him on Twitter – because he’s a celebrity, obviously! I noticed what he was doing. He was hashtagging his pictures with #2MBC every time he went surfing, he would clear up the litter and hashtag it. I kept eye on it and then one day I said to him would you like me to set up an Instagram account of these pictures and he said yes. That was the simple start of my job, my career. I love Instagram. This was about five or six years ago when Instagram was an iPhone thing, nowadays it’s much bigger than that. I set up the Instagram and then every time Martin posted a picture I just lifted it from Twitter and sent it across to Instagram. This was six years ago and we had three followers. Today we’re at 31k followers on Instagram alone. That’s the power of a hashtag.
Why do you think the #2MBC concept has worked well?
People who work every day don’t have time to go out and pick up litter. Planned beach cleans are always on a Sunday at 11am – we can’t find time to do that, I can’t do that. We work seasonal hours so Martin’s ethos was to do the beach clean whenever and wherever you can. You don’t need any paperwork or be with anyone else. You just pick up when and what you can and that suited me. As it turns out it suits a lot of other people too!
Have you noticed an impact yourself since you started the Instagram page?
Definitely. When we started out there was nobody doing this. I hate to use the word ‘first’ but I’m going to. Martin was the first before it became as fashionable as it is today. Single-use plastic is the new black. Before all of that Martin was out there doing this – we were all out there. We were the first people that stopped and thought we have to do something and with social media, we were able to get that message across. People want to do something but they don’t know where to start and we are the simplest form of it. People are overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world. They know there’s a problem and they look for somewhere to attach themselves to help and we are that simplest form – we are a family of people saying ‘hey we’re a family, we’re all together we can all do something.’ Together we can make a difference, a lot of little things can make a big thing. The difference from when we started to now is huge – it’s everywhere, everybody is on it – there are no excuses. It’s simple, it’s easy, everyone can do it. Everyone’s got two minutes, right?

What is your day to day role like?
I work two hours a day and I spend my time saying thank you. I say thank you to everyone that uses that #2MBC hashtag. I work down the hashtag every day. I work in the morning, I wake up and message, comment and reply to people across the world. I then do the same in the evening before I go to bed. I say thank you for caring, thank you for picking up, thank you for being an awesome human. My job then is to collate that information and put it on the feed so people can see. I’ve created a family – these people all look to us, we’ve made friends and we’ve become a community. I make people feel good about what they’re doing and that is my job.
Do you want to get involved with the #2MinuteBeachClean? It couldn’t be easier. Watch the video below to find out more or click here.


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