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The aim of this guide is to simplify the process of packing and preparing for your ski holiday. Below, we’ve covered everything from what kind of thermals to pack to how to pack to ensure that you are stress-free whilst travelling.

Ski holiday activities to pack for

How to pack for your ski trip, may differ depending on what kind of ski holiday you’re heading out to the slopes for. If attending the La Folie Douce after the last run of the day with a group of mates tickles your fancy, then make sure you’ve got your hands on some trusty snow boots and gloves to change into as well as an extra pair of stylish sunnies. However, if your desired Après-ski activity is lounging at the spa, then making sure you’ve packed your favourite swimwear is an absolute must. 

There is however, an array of essentials suited to every kind of ski trip. We’ve formulated an easy to digest ski packing checklist, to help all beginners with what to pack for their snow vacation.

On the slopes kit list

Let’s start with the basics; slope attire. Our main advice for when preparing to head out onto the slopes is to layer up to lock out the chill. If things heat up after gliding down the mountains, then there’s always the option to remove a layer or two.

Post-slope downtime kit list

Après-ski refers to any activity that takes place after skiing. Whether this is enjoying the local cuisine, treating yourself to a massage in the hotel spa, watching a film with your family at the chalet or joining a bar crawl down in the town, we want to make sure you’ve taken everything you may need away with you. Check the list below to ensure you’re prepared for your version of winding down after a long day of skiing or snowboarding.

  • Casual gloves for roaming around the resort
  • A lighter, packable jacket (Your may ski jacket may be too much for wearing on an evening)
  • Comfortable snow boots (To change into after the last run of the day)
  • Leggings
  • Joggers
  • Fluffy socks
  • Knitted jumpers
  • Ear muffs
  • A cosy hat
  • Warm pyjamas (A movie night must)
  • Swimwear
  • Suncream (The sun rays beaming onto the mountain side can often be very strong)

How to pack so you’re prepared to travel

The thought of travelling with a load of ski gear is certainly an overwhelming one for ski newbies, but don’t fret, we have all the tips to ensure your journey to the pristine slopes is as smooth as possible. 

There’s no need to pack an endless rotation of ski outfits, just make sure you have a few of each basic, and one jacket which can be worn on the plane to free up space in your luggage. Ski luggage doesn’t need to weigh a ton; especially if you’re wanting to save those pennies when checking into a flight. Follow the travel essential list below to ace your first experience of travelling to the fresh white:

  • Airport tags (To track your luggage in the unlikely case that the airline loses it) 
  • A wheelable suitcase (Handheld luggage may become too heavy to transport to the resort)
  • A suitcase padlock and name tag
  • Headphones or airpods
  • Passport (An absolute essential if your catching a flight)
  • Packing cubes (These also work great for separating dirty washing from the rest of your suitcase on your travels home)
  • Your new novel (Perfect for winding down after a long day)
  • A ski and snowboard lock (For when gear needs to be left outside on the slopes)
  • A plug adapter 
  • A disposable camera 
  • A go-pro (Ideal if wanting slope shots of you and your pals)
  • Lip balm and moisturiser (Ideal for those who are prone to dry skin in the cold)

Rent or bring with you checklist

There’s no need to buy everything before travelling to your chosen resort, but of course you can if you wish. When you arrive, there is always the option to rent ski and boarding gear. Here are the things you may need to locate before diving into the action if you plan on renting your gear: 

  • A helmet (You may choose to bring one with you, but if it’s your first time, it’s normal to avoid adding extra weight by renting one at the resort)
  • Ski or snowboarding boots (Make sure to do this in advance of your first ski school trip, or your first run, as it can often take a while to locate the perfect fitting pair).
  • Skis, snowboards and ski poles (We advise pre-booking these, especially during peak season. We wouldn’t want you missing out!)

Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t be last minute. Buying anything from the ski checklists above will be super costly at your resort. Prepare months in advance so you can snatch up great deals on quality products at home, before your ski trip
  • Calling all overpackers, you only need one set of ski outerwear if your trip is a week long. Pack a few thermals and three pairs of ski socks along with the basics of your ski outerwear and you’ll be ready and raring to go
  • Skis, snowboards, boots and helmets will be available to rent at your resort, so there is certainly no need to splurge on these at home before you go if you don’t want to
  • Suitcase organisation is key. We advise purchasing packing cubes and rolling up pieces of clothing, as both often creates more room 
  • Share this ski packing guide with fellow beginners going on your trip, they’ll definitely appreciate it


One jacket will do the job. Wear it on the plane to free up room in your luggage. You can pack a light, packable jacket for the evenings if your worried your ski jacket will be too hot off the slopes.

Skis along with other equipment will be available to rent at your resort. Just make sure to do this in advance of your first run or ski lesson to ensure that you don’t cut into valuable time on the slopes.

Packing smart is key. You really only need to bring one set of ski outerwear clothing, with a few thermals and three pairs of ski socks; if your ski holiday is a week long. You can always pack a travel wash gel to freshen up your thermals and socks if needed. Wear your ski jacket on the plane, and opt for wheeled luggage rather than hand held.

Key ski holiday accessories for when heading out to the slopes include ski goggles, a neck gaiter, snow gloves and a hat. The perfect Après-ski accessories are a stylish pair of sunnies, casual gloves and comfortable snow boots.

There’s no shame in après-ski being the main focus of your ski-holiday, we don’t blame you. Make sure to pack comfortable gloves and snow boots, sunnies, suncream, cosy jumpers, thermals, a waterproof and windproof jacket, a hat or earmuffs and swimwear if you plan on relaxing at the spa.

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