Skiing Dirt Spines in Iran – where there's a hill, there's a way

Skiing Dirt Spines in Iran – where there's a hill, there's a way

When we say ‘Iran’, skiing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Strapping on your boots, swinging your skis up onto your shoulder and hiking up… dirt-covered spines! We guess it could be the ultimate remedy for the snow season finishing across the Alps – just go and find any kind of hill and you’re all set (hey, it worked for Candide Thovex last year).

That’s exactly what happened when ‘The Snowmads’ (made up of German and Austrian skiers Fabian Lentsch, Jochen Mesle, Markus Ascher and Swiss photographer Ruedi Fluck) headed out onto their road trip across the Middle East and Central Asia in an old refurbished fire truck. Not long into travelling through Qeshm Island, they came across the stone and soil in the shape of premium Alaskan spines. Hiking up them without hesitation, the guys show that switching up the likes of the Dolomites for the desert is potentially a possibility.

So, if you’re after scoring some fresh lines on some seriously uncharted terrain, maybe Iran should be on your adventure bucket list…If you’re fine with swapping knee-deep powder for knee-shattering sand of course! As ‘The Snowmads’ show, where there’s a hill, there’s always a way to get your skiing fix. The apres scene might just be a little less crowded than you’re used to…

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