Ever Slipped on Ice?

It’s not slipping, it’s falling without style.
It would appear that we’re heading into another weekend of cold winds, ice and snow falling around us. Our weekend weather report tells us that the South and East are possibly in line for some snow and it’ll generally be cold everywhere. So, you know, do what your mother told you and wrap up warm.
We’re no strangers to slipping on the ice here at Surfdome, though we do prefer to be on a mountain and have some solid technology strapped to our feet before we do it. One guy who seems to have no qualms at all about slipping about on the frosty ground is professional free runner Ronnie Shalvis. He’s made a video to prove to the world that when it comes to walking, running, even gymnastic-ing (yes, it’s made up) on snow and ice he’s the one to watch. Of course, we don’t advise doing any of the things he’s doing on a fine summer’s day, but just to be sure. Do not attempt to copy what Ronnie is doing on this video.
The title says it all really. Here is Ronnie Shalvis with Ice Parkour.

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