Stereo, Globe + Penny: Summer skating gets retro!

Stereo, Globe + Penny: Summer skating gets retro!

Who knew little cruisers could get so big?

The days are getting longer, brighter and warmer now and that’s a perfect excuse to give your skating arsenal a little boost as well. This year we’re seeing a huge resurgence in retro looking boards like the thoroughly awesome Penny skateboards, the brilliant Globe Bantam models and the über-cool Stereo vinyl cruiserboards.

For retro feelgoodness the Penny skateboards, Stereo vinyls and Globe cruisers are unbeatable

When I was about five or six I found an old plastic banana-style Penny skateboard my uncle had used when he was younger. It was violently orange, quick as an iced racecar and remains the most fun thing with four wheels I’ve ever had. The new generation of these old school skateboards are small, bright, cheerful and surprisingly easy to use. They’re shorter and thinner than a regular skateboard so riding one is a little different, but these retro cruiserboards are quick to respond and very smooth. They’re also the perfect size to throw into a backpack or satchel whenever you’re not using them so ideal for that walk from the bus to work or a lazy roll down to the shop on a Saturday morning.

We’re committed longboard skaters here too but there’s a lot going for the little plastic marvels like the Penny skateboards. For anyone looking to get the feeling of carving smooth lines on their longboard but can’t carry their bigger cruiser with them all day we have a solution. We confidently recommend these little vinyl and plastic cruisers for those of you looking for a perfect combination of easy ride and portability. Light, smooth, responsive and portable (not to mention the fact that you’ll find one of these old-school skateboards in any rainbow colour you want) these little pieces of retro genius are definitely a trend to get into.

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