Surfdome partners with POW UK

Surfdome partners with POW UK

In a move towards making positive change, we’re hugely proud to announce a new partnership with Protect Our Winter UK, within which we’ll be raising awareness of the things that we as individuals, employees and businesses can do to fight climate change together.

You can join the fight with POW UK HERE

The past decade has been the warmest on record. The scientific consensus is unanimous and unequivocal; we, as humans, are the major contributor to this climate change.

Winter is critical to everyone, but we, as snowsports enthusiasts, have a deeper connection with the coldest season. Exploring the mountains and alpine environment at every opportunity gives us a far greater appreciation and understanding of the natural world. From that breathtaking view that fills your lungs with life at the top of the lift to that rush of blood through every last vein as the cloud of powder drops around you and you look up at the run you just nailed.
We know that the natural world delivers the goods … so when conditions start to deteriorate, we are often the first to notice change. Its us that notice the lack of snow and the changing weather patterns – often well before most because we are on the front line!

Its seems beyond astonishing that this message still needs to be pushed. The facts surrounding climate change have been published and updated time and time again – we even know what  to do to stop climate change in its tracks – and although action is being taken, a sense  of urgency is lacking! It’s time for us all to mature and take responsibility together, and we’re excited to be continuing our climate-change journey with POW UK today.
Why? Well here is a sobering thought:

By midcentury, nine former Winter Olympics sites (of 21) may not be reliably cold enough for the Games – New York times

So what can be done?
Protect Our Winters (POW) is a charity set up, by legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones in the US, to combat climate change. With POW teams now operating around the world, we’re stoked to be working with POW UK, whose mission statement is simple:

“Change the narrative on climate change, educating and empowering passionate individuals to take simple and rewarding actions, which will, in turn, create consumer and corporate pressure for sustainable products and investments”

In a very clear structure,  POW UK have broken down action into green, blue, red and black snow runs for us all to follow:
We’re happy to see that POW UK is one of the fastest moving start-up charities that we’ve ever experienced at Surfdome – perhaps due to the urgency needed around the subject. POW UK are harnessing the sheer passion of anyone involved in the wide range of winter sports, and channeling this to protect what they love. Over the next weeks, months and years (we’re in this for the long haul) we’ll be helping POW UK deliver their message and activations to make change from all of us as a community.
So what are we doing here at Surfdome and why are we a legitimate partner for POW UK?
Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 17.06.36
Across our various previous offices and warehouse, we have been running on 100% renewable electricity contracts since 2015. But 2018 has been a fresh start for us, with a new state of the art warehouse and new operational procedures. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but we plan to push it even further.  This is where we are to date:

  • 124 Acres of Peruvian rainforest have been safeguarded to offset the embodied carbon from construction
  • High-efficiency heat recovery
  • On-site renewable electricity generation, with Solar PV panels
  • On-site renewable heat generation, with Solar thermal panels
  • 100% renewable electricity tariff, from only wind, solar and hydro
  • 100% Biogas contract, gas produced from food waste
  • High efficiency LED lighting with sensor controls
  • Facilities to encourage sensible travel to site

By entering into a partnership POW UK and Surfdome hope to not only influence change through you, our valued customers and the brands we carry, but also act as a case study for POW UK’s red run. We want to prove that businesses really can be successful and limit their impacts on climate change simultaneously.
Our model and others that are working hard should be the norm, we should support businesses that take action. That way we don’t have to wait for the Government to force change … the power is in our very own hands!
Want to know the top 8 things you can do HERE
Edited and shared by Faith – POW UK team

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