Surfing at the table – Global plastic action plan

Surfing at the table – Global plastic action plan

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Surfing at the table – Global plastic action plan

“By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea”

The scarey reality that was brought to light by the Ellen MacArthur foundation, which finally made the world stand up and take notice of the current marine plastic crisis. The Ellen MacArthur foundation is more than sobering headlines, and we are proud to be involved with the foundations ambitious plans, set to tackle plastic entering our oceans.

The foundation has set out highly practical plans backed by solid studies, facts and information, that are incredibly difficult to challenge or dispute, for a new economy – a circular economy.

The New Plastic Economy is one element and focuses on the plastic we use in our daily lives

Sound fanciful? Well not to some of the worlds largest corporations who are not only taking note, but signing up. More than 40 industry leaders are endorsing a plan to recycle 70% (up from 14% currently) of plastic packaging globally, and with the likes of Unilever committing to 100% recyclable packaging by 2025, the foundation is making up clear ground!

As surfers, beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, we are at the frontline when it comes to marine plastic pollution, we see regularly first hand the damage plastic is reaping on our favourite natural spaces.

“Quite frankly we are sick of it! So this kind of action can’t come soon enough, thats why we at Surfdome are involved”

Tackling marine plastic has to come from multi angles. Creating awareness and educating, thats why we support The Plastic Project.

Rolling up our sleeves and clearing the nasty stuff up, thats why we support the #2MinuteBeachClean.

And of course turning off the flow of plastic to the Ocean through industry change. So we are pleased to have played our part in The New Plastic Economy (NPEC), and proud to see the quote from Surfdome’s founder along with the worlds largest co-orporations in the NPEC document presented by the World Economic forum this week.

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Read the full document here
Want to find out more about about what we are doing here at Surfdome about marine plastic – read here

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