Surfing goes Hardcore – Red Bull Cape Fear 2014

We want to meet the deranged genius at Red Bull who came up with this phenomenal idea and give him or her a hug. To gather the world’s best chargers at one hell of a horrific wave to duke it out is going to provide so much entertainment. We think we may just explode with excitement.
If anyone was ever to doubt the extremities of surfing, a swift link to a YouTube clip of the Bra Boys getting absolutely annihilated at the spot simply called “Ours” would end that discussion abruptly. Now surf gladiators from the far corners of the world will come together to test their bottle at this notorious spot.
Next point, who’s involved? Famed chargers and big wave tamers aplenty. Here’s who’s coming: Shane Dorian, Richie Vaculik, Mark Mathews, Ryan Hipwood, Makua Rothman, Laurie Towner, Koby Abberton, Jesse Polock, Jamie O’Brien, Ian Walsh, Dean Morrison, Dave Rastovich, Bruce Irons and Alex Gray. No doubt you’ll agree there’s an unbelievable amount of talent, determination and experience in this line up. There’s going to be nothing but full throttle surfing at this competition.
The perfect event is going to require a perfect storm; hence why the waiting period is nearly 4 months long. It’s all going to unfold on one day only, so keep an eye out for the updates and we’ll holla when the sh*t is about to hit the fan.

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