What Did You Do Today?

Did you go to work and sit in a chair at a computer? Did you talk to customers, make a sale, have a coffee and possibly wonder about what you would have for dinner? Or did you do something awesome? Did you knock out a cheeky backflip on a bike, leave an audience speechless with a gravity mocking dance move, invent a skate trick?
If you did, well done but pics or it didn’t happen. If you didn’t, then console yourself with this video which shows that as a species we humans are certainly capable of greatness. Combine super footage like this with a banging track from Hadouken and you are on to a winner, no matter how many incredible skate stunts you have seen, energetic adrenaline sports videos you watch or tricks you can perform yourself.
NOTE: We know some of these may be fake or set up, but just for four and a half minutes, suspend your disbelief and let yourself be wowed. It’s so worth it.

Surf, snow, skate & outdoor gear
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