Watch: Tom Wallisch and the world's longest railslide

Watch: Tom Wallisch and the world's longest railslide

The winter season may be coming to a close on this side of the equator, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t squeeze in a last minute railslide – and a 424 foot one at that. Yes, X Games gold medalist Tom Wallisch made it into the Guinness Book of World Records by smashing the previous record of 405 feet set by Simen Gjelsvik in 2015.

After nearly 4 whole days, 400+ plus attempts and a whole reconstruction of the rail, Wallisch effortlessly cruised the whole distance, clocking a speed of 40mph and even managing to come completely centred for the last 60 feet. All shot on the new GoPro Hero 4 camera, Wallisch commented after ‘it’s cool to have some sort of legacy [in the rail skiing movement]—to have a record like that that means something. Hopefully, it will hold on for some years to come, but you never know!” So, who’s up for hitting a 500-foot rail then?

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