Toms X Oceana – A Whale Of A Collection

Toms X Oceana – A Whale Of A Collection

Toms X Oceana – A Whale Of A Collection

Introducing the new Whale collection by TOMS, supporting Oceana in its advocacy work to protect Whales and other marine species. The whale collection consists of limited-edition vegan footwear, inspired by recovering populations of gray and humpback whales and their migration routes.


Unsustainable and destructive fishing practices are a threat to whale populations around the world. Overfishing of forage fish can disrupt whales’ food supply while miles-long gillnets can entagle and kill wales – along with dolphins, seals, sea turtles, sharks, and many other ecologically important fish.


Founded in 2001, Oceana is the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on returning our oceans to former levels of abundance. To date, Oceana’s science-based campaigns have protected over one million square miles of ocean and innumerable whales, sharks, sea turtles and other sea creatures.


Discover the collection and help spread the message to stop over fishing here.

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