Great news! Two of our favourite things have rekindled a great relationship. Mr Tony Hawk aka “The Birdman” has re-joined forces with Independent! Mr Hawk started out riding for the Northern Californian brand at the tender age of 14.  It sparked arguably the most legendary skateboarding career so far leading him to many different sponsors. However, Mr Hawk has gone full circle and back to his roots!
The most exciting thing about this news is that Tony has been exclusively filming for Indy over the past couple of months. Take into account Mr Hawk is now 44 years old and it’s been a while since we’ve seen him take the drop, it’s been pretty freakin’ amazing to see him take flight again! And if you’re wondering…Yes he’s still awesome and like a fine wine has got better with age!
Throw Hawk’s prodigy son Riley and his dominant street style in the mixer and you’ve got yourself a mid week treat that’ll put a smile on your face.

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