Top 3 Brazilian Surf Spots

Top 3 Brazilian Surf Spots

Meu, onde está a surfar? Yeah we though you would be impressed by our (Google) language skills… Anyway, let’s cut the ‘porcaria’. We’re definitely not here to talk about that 14 inch tall chunk of gold. We want to talk about Brazil’s real treasure – 4,655 miles of coastline that’s graced with stunning beaches and epic surf. Granted, 4655 miles is a lot to cover. So here’s our pick of the top three surf spots in Brazil.
número um: Fernando de Noronha

Struggling to find this one on the map? Look north, a little bit east and cast your eyes 220 miles off the coast of Brazil and you’ll find it (aha gotcha). Far away from the crowds, this volcanic island is a true surfer’s paradise. Dubbed “Brazil’s Hawaii”, Noronha is a supremely unique and beautiful environment that plays host to a variety of waves from reefs to beach breaks. Book your flight tickets….now.
número dois: Florianopolis Island

As we delve deeper on this journey, it becomes ever more obvious that Brazil really does have an abundance of quality surf spots. Florianopolis Island (down south) gets the most juice from the Atlantic ocean which arguably makes it the best spot in Brazil. The consistent surf and constant partying makes it Brazil’s capital of surfing; an ideal location if you like to burn the candle at both ends.
número três: Rio de Janeiro

No real surprises here. We admit Rio may not have world class surf but it would have been a sin to leave it out. If you’re on the hunt for some quality beach breaks, Rio is definitely a spot for you. One thing first, be prepared for some paddle battles, crowds and Brazilian fire in the line up. It may not be a solitary surfer’s cup of tea, but it’s all worth it to surf in front of one of the most majestic and exciting cities in the world.
The job of the blog post is sort of done but we’ve only scratched the surface of what Brazil has to offer as a surfing destination. If you’ve been there, done that and got the skimpy swim wear to prove it, please share your favourite spots with us below. Otherwise, if you can’t get enough of this Brazil babble, check out our post on The Three Top Brazilian Surfers here.

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