#Tournotes: JJF Waimea talking points

#Tournotes: JJF Waimea talking points

In what was a day of carnage with crazy wipeouts, drop-ins and epic take-offs, the surfing world has been captivated by the latest swell in Hawaii. John John initially attempted to get to Maui for a paddle session at Jaws. Ending up missing the flight, Florence grabbed his 10’6″ and headed to the holy grail of big waves, Waimea Bay.

“I was actually really stoked because that Jaws day was so, so big!” – JJF

Although one of the oldest big waves surfed, this beast still packs one hell of a punch. Watch as JJF gets absolutely annihilated, falling on a wobbly section after a full white water takeoff. Subsequently taking a couple of casual 20-foot bombs on the head.
He was then joined by a certain, Kelly Slater who then decided to drop in on the young Hawaiian and free fall, landing just feet away in one hell of a spectacular encounter. All heads now turn to the swell charts as another monster swell approaches offering a possible run for the Eddie Aikau Invitational. Stay tuned to see whether this mythical event will finally run after a six-year hiatus. We are all hoping so.

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