#TOURNOTES: The Coaches Edition

#TOURNOTES: The Coaches Edition

Do surfers need coaches? How beneficial is another set of eyes on the ocean? In the latest episode of #TOURNOTES, STAB grabs the likes of John John, Bede, Julian Wilson, Snake, Occy, Ross Williams, Carissa Moore, Filipe Toledo and Mr Kelly Slater for their opinions on this ever debatable subject.

As competitive surfing has progressed into the giant that it is now with more prize money and perks from sponsors than ever, it surely makes sense for surfers to have a coach in their corner. And if anything, being on the road for months at a time, travelling to new spots and flying thousands of miles it surely must be nice to have a friendly face watching over you. And with a record number of rookies on tour for this year, spot knowledge and experience of the CT is priceless and could mean the difference of breaking the top 10 or fighting for your spot for next season. I guess the big question here is, who would coach Kelly? With more world titles than anybody else on the planet and more experience of surfing heats, who would he listen to?

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