Tournotes: The Eddie pre-check

Tournotes: The Eddie pre-check

The Eddie is go! With the announcement coming in from Quik on Monday, the best big wave chargers on the planet have only had a few days to travel and prep for the North Shore showdown. In an event that is steeped in so much history,  not one surfer is wanting to miss out on the opportunity to surf in the most prestigious big wave event on the planet.

Watch as John John talks you through the gnarliest leash that our peepers have ever seen and his stretching antics to Waimea proof it. Sunny Garcia shows off his behemoth of a gun shaped by Jon Pyzel and his snazzy 3D camera. Previous Eddie winner, Kelly Slater, runs through the perfect wave to get a 100 point ride. Essentially, it goes as follows: drop-in late and steep, make it around the section, ride it out and pull-into an apocalyptic Waimea closeout. It’s as simple as that…

Make sure you catch all of the action here. This is not one to be missed!

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