Types of Vans shoes

Types of Vans shoes

The first Vans store opened its gates in 1966 California – the official name back then was the Doren Rubber Company. Like any successful stories, the Vans history started with a teenager working in a shoe factory, making shoes and sweeping floors. Hard work paid off as Paul van Doren became Executive Vice President of Randy’s (the shoe factory). Still, he decided to try his luck in running his own company. The store he opened made a statement from day 1 with the option of custom manufacturing. And whether in skateboarding or defining the young urban spirit, Vans’ success hasn’t waned ever since. It’s all about comfort and style.

The Vans range:

Authentic: This was the first model – the canvas deck shoe and the anti-abrasion waffle sole. It’s still a favourite among skaters, surfers and anyone who favours the casual, comfy style.

Era: Following on the previous model, these follow the same classic line, but add extra support and comfort with more padding around the ankle and a thicker midsole. The upper canvas is double stitched for increased durability.

Old Skool: Wearing the iconic side strap, made of sturdy canvas or suede, it’s this style that is mainly associated with the skateboarder’s profile.

Sk-8 – Hi: With materials varying from canvas to suede and leather, and inspired by the Old Skool, these hi-top Vans bear the same iconic side strap and come with improved functionality. The winter styles have an extra heat retention layer between the sockliner and the sole, while the outersole itself has advanced anti abrasion properties.

The Slip-On: One of the most comfortable and loved styles, the slip-on is the ultimate Vans style. Various collaborations have added amazing prints, patterns and colours, making this one of the most coveted symbols of the laid-back style.

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