Watch Rip Curl: The Search – Revel

Watch Rip Curl: The Search – Revel

So, in case you haven’t heard, it’s absolutely dumping it down all over the Alps. And, if that wasn’t enough to get you stoked, Rip Curl have just released their latest powder project. As part of The Search series, Rip Curl introduce Revel: a backcountry film designed to show off the most epic powder lines. Mixing snowboarding with skiing, the film stars Victor De Le Rue, Sam Favret, Nils Arvidsson, Emilien Badoux, and others, finding fresh powder in Norway and riding gnarly spines in Alaska.

There’s also an appearance from professional UK surfer Jayce Robinson joining the team in Norway and getting strapped into a snowboard himself. Repping the girls is Olya Smeshlivaya and Marion Haerty riding on some sand dunes in Cali before hitting plenty of rails and kicker back on the snow.

Revel is all about appreciating your surroundings, from the mountains of Alaska to any chair in your local resort. It’s then time to pick your line and revel in that feeling – whether there’s fresh powder on piste or you’re way out in the backcountry, hiking to earn your turns. Trust us – this film will fuel the stoke and guarantee that you book that flight/ ferry/ Eurostar and head straight for the mountains… if you haven’t already.


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